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From Twitter 04-23-2010

  • 01:11:59: Parvarti is the most annoying piece of crap ever.
  • 01:40:17: There is nothing wrong with your decision-making process now, ... More for Leo
  • 01:50:54: Why are Emilio's models walking like they drank a case of champers before they hit the catwalk? not a one has walked a straight line.
  • 02:00:56: @bonniegillespie no kidding!
  • 02:31:28: Jay on project runway is a total ass. Hell would freeze over before I'd work with him. wait, he wouldn't want me. I have thick legs.
  • 03:29:01: blogging America's Next Top Model:
  • 03:57:23: headed to bed, it's been a long day. I did the math, though, looks like Talbot will be on the mound when i see the Tribe on Tues :)
  • 04:09:23: My next craigslist ad: blonde Demi looking for her blue-eyed Ashton. Must love Tweeting.
  • 12:50:35: RT @bcuban: My Headphones Almost Killed My Cat!
  • 12:51:34: @JeffProbst this season is so in my top 3. original All-Stars and Vanuatu are my other top 3.
  • 12:54:43: @tribetalk sign me up for that social deck when I come back home to OH. it's not everyday you get a Tribe blogger from 2500 miles away. :)
  • 12:57:20: @tribetalk that redeye baseball is payback for all the crack of dawn baseball I have to put up with most of the season living in L.A.
  • 12:57:42: Looks like The Casting Frontier is getting into public submissions. wonder how much THAT will cost a month.
  • 12:58:23: @LemonLimeAgency I have the booking juice always in my veins. what I don't have is audition juice in my glass.
  • 13:11:51: All these guys on SUUUUUUCK! I'm sick of 50-yr-old balding fat guys hitting on me.
  • 13:44:41: @josephvales yeah but then that also deters any guy who might be decent and it would be deceptive.
  • 13:54:38: i feel guilty about not going to the gym, but I really do need to let this adductor strain heal. worst spot for pain ever.
  • 14:03:35: @josephvales nope, i've been on there over 3 months w/o a single date. what's that tell ya?
  • 17:41:04: @BenWhitehair gut (you ran out of characters on the last one so I thought I'd finish for you) haha I'm bored at work
  • 22:08:08: Work SUCKED tonight. I really need a new survival job. Hate asking parents for money at my age
  • 23:30:51: @DHuff11 man that was ugly. it's okay. I still <3 my Tribe. sad I'll miss seeing you pitch by 1 day vs Anaheim.
  • 23:35:46: i got invited to a porn star party on monday.

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