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bloggin America's Next Top Model

-I love how Tyra in the recap just sounds like she's bored as shit and just says "so we sent her home" talking about the last girl eliminated. Like "whatever, let's get this shit done. I have to pick out next week's jumpsuit". Also the "who the heck do you think is going to be eliminated tonight?!" Damn, she's having some serious attitude. Maybe it's because she heard Naomi Campbell may or may not have a blood diamond and she doesn't.
-something tells me that Krista couldn't bite, kick, scratch or beat down anyone or their mama unless she eats a damn sandwich or 50.
-Oh no, the plus girl is going to have a damn meltdown. Man, come on, find your inner Whitney or Tocarra.
-Alasia actually says something that I agree with!?!? shut the front. agreed. modeling is NOT something you can learn overnight. I've been doing this ish on and off since I was 11 and I STILL learn stuff.
-Why does Pat Cleveland sound like she's reading off a cue card?
-Hey wait....that's not the OTHER Tyra. The TRUE "other" Tyra is on RuPaul's Drag Race (and if you don't believe me, she is in the finale on Monday on Logo)
-Who doesn't love when the drag queens get a vote!?!? Oh look, they found a tiara that Furonda left in the Top Model house during Cycle 6 and gave it to Krista (does it come with a list of rules? and please note, that's said lovingly as I actually know Queen Furonda and she is fiercely fabulous)
-I'm not going to lie. that whole elevator not working thing looks like a whole production setup. just like they set it up in last week's preview to look like she really got left behind.
-It's Hair Wars and Krista is channeling her inner Grace Jones. seriously, she rocked that ish. I remember when Grace Jones was a Bond girl. Krista freaking brought it and I agree with everything Mr. Jay said.
-I'm going to say that Alexandra and Alasia are in the bottom 2. That was some hardcore dreckitude BAD posing and that's not even seeing the pictures.
-OMG! THAT IS THE WORST KIWI ACCENT EVER!!! That is totally a NYC actor that they hired to do that. I'm sorry, but I've met Kiwis before and that's NOT a New Zealand accent. horrible THAT'S dreckitude.
-it's also so wrong that they get the girls all excited only to tell one that she's not going on the trip. So cruel.
-I think the only thing that saved Alasia is that Andre likes her so much (and that Whitney agreed during judging)
-you know, i think this Angelea/Krista lovefest is going to explode down the line much like an alliance on Survivor.
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