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From Twitter 04-22-2010

  • 00:29:55: @BenWhitehair well that's just an option if needed. I always buy American first haha my daddy is a truck plant union man.
  • 00:30:16: @snowwhiteonacid never! Haha
  • 01:03:49: Your greatest strength now is not something that can be descri... More for Leo
  • 01:06:33: @Leahs_Story good point. haha.
  • 02:47:21: I love Sharon Osbourne on Celebrity Apprentice (and pretty much anywhere)
  • 03:12:59: ugh...the indians play at 10am on @MLBNetwork. not much sleep for me tonight.
  • 03:40:08: @jaycrawfordespn well i won't get out of my jammies for them that's for sure. Princess Pronkahontas is pissed!
  • 12:16:24: @DHuff11 it happens.
  • 12:17:02: @OGOchoCinco no, but there is See or LA Eyeworks.
  • 12:18:38: @SaraJBenincasa I thought I would be supermodel married to John Taylor of Duran Duran. well I got some of it right. haha.
  • 12:19:52: @marieclaire yes, but only because I'm to the point where i'll take anything asking out.
  • 12:25:54: @castrovince good thing I offered Jobu cigar and rum last night. He took fear from bats.
  • 12:26:36: RT @cfcomedy: What the hell is a Laker, anyway?
  • 12:27:10: @cfcomedy agreed, but I do know the history. the team moved from Minneapolis because 80% of LA teams are stolen from other cities.
  • 12:32:01: that was just a HELL of a double play by the Tribe. Valbuena: All-Star. nuff said!
  • 12:37:47: I'm going to beat the piss out of these two guys yelling in the Staples commercial if I ever see them. #annoying.
  • 12:44:28: Guys...if you have ED and your reflection starts talking to you about it. You might want to also talk to the doctor about that as well.
  • 12:54:38: RT @castrovince: Pretenders' "My City Was Gone" played on PA before the 9th, including the lyric, "Ay oh, way to go, Ohio." #Twins way o ...
  • 13:00:06: RT @tribetalk: Ball game! #Indians win 8-1. Tribe out-hit Twins 11-4
  • 13:27:20: Days like this, i could watch Tribe baseball all day. I miss 1994-97...strange how the best Tribe baseball was the darkest part of my life.
  • 13:47:30: @LilYellowMini so jealous. i still can't afford a Coach, D&B, Spade or Betsey Johnson.
  • 13:50:19: @jaycrawfordespn jay....<3 u, but the Tribe really made you eat your words today. I did watch from bed though. haha.
  • 14:11:32: @jaycrawfordespn good thing I offered Jobu cigar & rum last night.
  • 14:14:29: @snowwhiteonacid well he is probably old enough to have gone to woodstock. maybe he found a leftover stash
  • 16:26:55: I've got the most check-ins at Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market on #Yelp!
  • 16:52:23: some guy just contacted me on don't know what is scarier: the picture of him or the picture of his hairless cat!
  • 16:56:09: @laurierecords saw you Tues, but never got around to introduce myself. lot of old friends I hadn't seen in YEARS stopping me.
  • 17:03:20: C'mon Cavs. you know, just because the Indians won doesn't mean you have to lose. 2 cleveland teams CAN win on the same day.
  • 17:09:34: In my mind, the man of my dreams will be able to play "Layla" on guitar.
  • 17:36:23: Am I the only one who wants to punch Joakim Noah in the babymaker & kick him in the face worse than mother nature already has?
  • 17:36:55: And his dad wasn't THAT great of a tennis player either...relatively speaking with regards to other players at his time.
  • 17:38:13: really class of the Chicago fans to be yelling Cleveland Sucks....we're still a game up on your sorry asses even if we lose this game.
  • 17:40:40: Are the Dolphins on the clock yet?
  • 17:45:54: @LovinTheTribe keep me posted on game, had to switch to draft. Dolphins are on the board next.
  • 17:47:21: @LovinTheTribe or nevermind, they just stupidly traded their pick (like they have a history of doing)
  • 17:51:56: What the hell are the Dolphins getting out of this mess!?!?!
  • 17:58:28: C'mon Cavs...i have to get ready for class. I need you to pull this ish together.
  • 18:04:31: @michaeldempster i swear to god, if you spoil survivor for me, I will walk to nyc if i have to just to kick you in the babymaker.
  • 18:05:43: @ESPNCleveland why hello there, Cleveland :) <3 my Cavs & Indians
  • 18:43:57: @LovinTheTribe score! I'm at class
  • 18:47:23: Ugh!
  • 19:02:51: I really should have stopped for coffee on the way to class
  • 19:47:39: @jamesbaltazar morons
  • 19:52:24: @TimBella east coast hubby...who did my phins get?
  • 19:58:08: Hard to concentrate on class when the NFL draft is going on. I'm such a sporty spice.
  • 20:00:46: @DHuff11 what? Not brave enough to stay in Oakland? Don't blame u. I stay in Oakland once. Got mistaken for a "lady of the night" haha
  • 21:46:47: @Leahs_Story you are missin a mind blowing time.
  • 22:10:58: @Leahs_Story my eyes are glazing over with this self-producing stuff

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