Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

I don't agree, but I understand why the NFL did what it did.

First off, let me say that I think it's complete bullshit that that Ben Roethlisberger is being suspended by the NFL. The man wasn't charged with anything. His behavior, while questionable, was not technically a crime (other than buying some drinks for a girl that he probably thought was at least 21 due to a lapse in security at the club he was at). He didn't shoot himself in the leg, he didn't kill a man & he didn't kill dogs. I fully believe that his only "crime" was being white and if he's not suspended then Commissioner Roger Goodell has a public relations nightmare on his hands having to explain why he suspends black players while a white player walks free. I predicted Ben would be suspended, regardless of whether the charges stuck or not, months ago when the story initially broke for this very reason.

Why are we putting the burden of responsibility for knowing if the girl is legal to drink on Big Ben's shoulders? it's not his fault if the bouncers don't do their job to keep underage college students out of the club. I went to the club's website. It's definitely an 21-&-over club. Let's address that issue. When the girl was making her statement to the police, why didn't the police question what she was doing there in the first place? If anyone should be charged with anything, it should be her for underage consumption.

Again, he wasn't charged with ANYTHING! I'm all for conducting yourself in a professional manner and keeping your nose clean, but the No Fun League's "personal conduct policy" is just getting beyond ridiculous at this point. Between this and the constant fining of Chad Ochocinco for making the game fun and entertaining, the whole league is just becoming a giant police league. What's next? suspending a player for farting in public or using the wrong fork at a formal dinner?
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