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From Twitter 04-20-2010

  • 00:14:56: nothing like having to call 911 because some wacko in hwood is walking down the street trying to open random car doors including mine!
  • 00:15:14: no, i wasn't in my car. I was walking towards it coming back to it from the gym.
  • 00:16:29: I can't wait to see Iron Man 2. That's def a midnight or first thing in the morning viewing. Makes me have crush on Robert Downey jr.
  • 00:42:18: Buffy rerun on Logo...too bad it's season 4. that's like the worst season.
  • 00:49:07: The charming knowledgeable incredible Kathryn Joosten is in this episode of Buffy.
  • 01:03:47: My DVR is seriously seriously so very much fired. It did NOT record Gossip Girl and instead recorded Drag race & GG is higher priority.
  • 01:06:35: @DanielleCasting well rest assured that my kitty is sweet & usually well behaved. he's fun crazy. he'll make you laugh.
  • 01:12:49: @DanielleCasting well you can watch him from afar:!/video/video.php?v=10150123138350184
  • 01:13:53: You are more resilient than you give yourself credit for today... More for Leo
  • 01:14:50: For you non-sports peeps who are wondering who Chris Henry is. He was Chad's teammate who passed away last season
  • 01:32:08: @snowwhiteonacid yes it is.
  • 02:00:32: My freaking ass if Evan Lysacek is straight....if he's straight, it's straight like Ricky Martin and George Michael.
  • 02:20:18: @stevenbward well if it's the latter, expect my application. I swear I'm a damn mess now.
  • 02:53:37: @SaraJBenincasa gurl, do you ever sleep?
  • 11:35:54: RT @neiltyson: I want to live in a world where a chicken can cross the road without anybody questioning its motives.
  • 11:37:10: @ephanypdx I'm season 2 & 3 as my absolute faves.
  • 11:45:57: Someone is on the juice!! naughty naughty!
  • 11:53:15: @stonecastingdir well there is free yoga at Runyan.
  • 11:56:38: @Ksafitness props for his commitment to his words, but I advise he really DOES stay in his hotel. He pissed off TWO fan bases: Tribe & Cavs
  • 11:58:01: Did you know that the term DRAG was originated by Shakespeare? He used it in his scripts "Dress Resembling A Girl"
  • 11:59:19: @Ksafitness you know me? I grew up in Southern Ohio. I went to Cleveland last summer just to see the Indians.
  • 12:00:47: @SaraJBenincasa want me to yell at you like @JillianMichaels would? RUNNNNN!! GET YOUR ASS ON THE TREADMILL!!! she did that at my gym once.
  • 12:13:43: Seriously? the Reds? BUSTED!
  • 12:25:57: Getting suspended while on the DL is like getting fired on your day off. Way to go Volquez.
  • 12:27:13: @Layongray ooooh baseball. do you need any help to break that block? I'm a baseball goddess or you can try @MLBNetwork
  • 12:29:27: Volquez gets busted on 4/20....I'll let you write your own jokes.
  • 12:32:30: welcome new followers.
  • 12:33:23: I have a feeling the Dolphins are going to pay for not paying Jason Taylor and letting the Jets pay him instead. u heard it here first.
  • 12:51:00: @cafe1956 yeah, screw Bud Selig. Bud rarely comes to Cincy & when he does, he gets booed like you wouldn't believe.
  • 13:04:41: @Leahs_Story congrats
  • 13:08:58: @SaraJBenincasa just help me find a man and advise me how to stop being "the starter girlfriend" for so many guys.
  • 13:18:24: @SaraJBenincasa ummmm, tonight if I don't get called into work at 6 (your time), Thurs 8-10 (your time).
  • 13:35:57: That resort vacay those peeps won on Celeb Fit Club in Aruba is THE BOMB! That Radisson was sweet.
  • 14:01:52: @castrovince is there any talk of moving Choo to the #4 spot in the lineup?
  • 14:08:52: Boston Red Sux are 4-9....time to watch the cockroaches scurry back into their hiding places. Someone turned the lights on in the bandwagon
  • 14:15:38: @LovinTheTribe go watch them at a sports bar. duh.
  • 14:43:47: @tribetalk the link isn't working :(
  • 14:53:38: @Ksafitness actually I would try to make it to Cleveland. As a baseball fan, Jacobs Field is one of those ballparks you just need to go to.
  • 14:54:41: @Ksafitness I hate the Red Sux, but I know i need to get to Fenway someday.
  • 14:58:49: @lisa_curry stop stalking celebrities.
  • 15:19:16: @SaraJBenincasa yo, girl, i be free from now until probably about 7ish (my time). Thursday stays the same 8-10 your time.
  • 15:20:17: I should gym, but I've been nursing this hip/groin area possibly injury for days now. hurts a lot today.
  • 15:57:30: I've got the most check-ins at 24 Hour Fitness on #Yelp!
  • 16:30:21: RT @shitmydadsays “It’s Los Angeles, son. It’s the epicenter of the asshole earthquake. They’d fuck you twice if they had another dick.”
  • 17:19:19: @sarajbenincasa I tell that 18 yr old "call me when u r 21" Mia be old enuff to drink in order to touch the pink
  • 17:50:59: @LovinTheTribe the kid is growing up. besides, pitch high and inside to Mauer and he'll almost always ground out.
  • 17:54:27: @sarajbenincasa thanx for the shout out! @thegregjohnson no self-esteem issues here. haha.
  • 18:15:54: @LovinTheTribe hold that thought. ugh.
  • 18:30:21: Brooke and I are classy. we are drinking champers with ice in it because they didn't have any chilled for sale.
  • 19:40:11: @thegregjohnson Well I found it humorous because my comment was humorous. We all cool.
  • 20:32:41: I checked in at Life (6311 Wilshire Blvd) on #Yelp
  • 23:59:47: My heart breaks for O'Neil on The Biggest Loser. I know far too well the pain you feel when you don't get to say goodbye to a loved one

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