Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Bloggin America's Next Top Model.

-Who's more ghetto in da hood? Alasia or Angelea?
-Well you know what they say about a house divided....
-Angelea be keepin it real.
-Man, if I was Alasia, I'd be getting the hell out of that room and taking one of those empty beds in Angelea's room. I'm sure the producers don't let them do that know, so the instigating is there.
-I learned that lesson early: take your shower at night because you never know when the phone is going to ring with "good morning, get there now!"
-Why is there always one girl who has to scream about everything (especially in close quarters)? You know that limo driver has gotta be like "bitch, shut the fuck up"
-Wow, I didn't know that Redbook was rating colleges now. I thought that US News & World Report had the corner market on college rankings. Maybe Redbook does community colleges and vocational schools.
-That's the perfect way to treat brand new clothes that are NOT pajamas....just lay around in them on your bed. talk about uneducated. Jessica is uneducated about fashion.
-"you don't own nothing" means that you actually DO own something. College education is really paying off for Angelea., is that short for Tinsel?
-of course, Jessica picks Raina and Brenda for the win. Personally, I think Brenda is already too old looking for Seventeen.
-I wanna know how much is cost to get the access to the subway. You know the city of NYC isn't doing this ish for free!
-How many actresses you know wear a dress like what Krista was wearing to an audition? she was supposed to be the "aspiring actress" running late to an audition.
-shameless plug for Cover Girl Shadow Blast. Here's my plug: I have 2 of the damn things. They're kinda overrated and smudge more than they should. Great for when you have to fix makeup on the go between auditions.
-It's like they want Brenda to go home. They gave her the ugliest hairdo and they constantly put her in the dowdiest butt-fugly outfits ever.
-you know, i'm going to go out and say it now... Brenda & Alasia in the bottom 2.
-Another week, another hideous jumpsuit from Tyra. please make it stop.
-someone feed Krista a sandwich. did you see how skinny her arms looked in her picture.
-oh no!!! we're back to the photo shoot theme cliches for eliminations.
-even after judging, I stick with my bottom 2.
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