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From Twitter 04-15-2010

  • 00:43:54: is it really bad if my 1-minute monologue has the potential to clock in at 1:15? oh well eff it.
  • 00:48:47: @snowwhiteonacid yeah, I have to work in the upstairs bar next wed :(
  • 00:55:58: @snowwhiteonacid i can't ditch it either. i just got in the good graces with some managers there.
  • 01:04:16: @snowwhiteonacid chica, i actually made over $100 on the patio tonight. it's not bad when the weather is cooperative.
  • 01:04:42: Does anyone know if LeBron can play 3rd base or pitch? The Indians need some help.
  • 01:07:38: You would feel better today if you knew that someone was looki... More for Leo
  • 10:44:18: Actress just showed up on set with her girlfriend/manager.
  • 10:46:04: @JaiMcVay oh snap! I totally forgot that when I was going through the old shows I've done & I still have script on my computer too
  • 10:47:55: @castrovince cue the major league bumbling music
  • 10:50:30: YES!!! it gets even BETTER! the girlfriend/manager is also this girl's personal hair/makeup person.
  • 10:58:36: @castrovince yay Choo-baca!!!
  • 11:11:28: RT @castrovince Guerrero lines out to 2B. Game over. Huff gets the complete game, Indians win 3-2 in a crisp 2 hours, 3 minutes.
  • 11:12:01: @castrovince yes!!! Thank u baby Jesus. Finally, a pitcher with stamina
  • 11:41:28: Whorin on the Funny Or Die set:
  • 16:16:04: @SmllTwnGrl try Hilla Peer she did my makeup for my new modeling pix i have up.
  • 16:37:09: what is with everyone doing circus themes for concert tours? Britney, Pink and now even Jimmy Buffet.
  • 16:37:59: @SmllTwnGrl you'd have to ask her. it's based on project and what you need.
  • 16:44:21: @JeffProbst i really hope the previews are not giving too much away or that's just a bait and switch tactic.
  • 17:09:05: I think i need a nap.
  • 17:19:48: @agentadvice you sound like you need some @souplantation.
  • 17:39:36: my roomie brought champers home....cocktail before getting roots did!
  • 18:03:57: @elizabeth_ann i think of 99-cent spencer when i hear "you're so vain"
  • 19:21:49: Getting my roots did
  • 19:40:23: Marissa: "I don't get why a truck selling food goes around playing the cockroach song" la cucaracha, la cucuracha!
  • 19:56:53: @SaraJBenincasa was tonight a rerun? Ashamed to admit but haven't listened in a while (been busy, working, etc) & couldn't tell
  • 20:17:58: @SaraJBenincasa yeah I only caught like 5 min driving from home to hair person's place, but still gotta show ya some luv when I can
  • 21:35:43: I checked in at Boardwalk 11 (10433 National Blvd) on #Yelp
  • 21:52:16: @DanielleCasting lava lamp, tie dye tapestry/bedsheet
  • 21:58:53: @DanielleCasting or you just rubber band it up and put a couple markers in the washer & hit play
  • 22:24:15: @jamesbaltazar sadly, jhonny peralta is responsible for 75% of that bad fielding. Huff pitched a nice game for Tribe today
  • 22:59:27: @jamesbaltazar the scary part is that our bullpen is suppoesed to be better than our rotation. Did u see this shitty la-arizona game?

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