Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

I'm around, just massive insane busy

love you all. I'm still around. don't think I've given up posting here just because I'm like a Twitter queen now or because I also have a blog associated with (that's just so I don't bore you with my irate baseball rants as my Indians continue to suck suck and more suck).

pretty much, I'm just massively busy between trying to be less ADD, making sure i get to the gym, making sure I answer emails in a timely fashion, staying organized, work & ever since I got my blonde pictures up on the casting sites: audition, audition, audition....and bookings. Granted none of them really pay much (if at all), but pretty soon, I'm going to have enough material for a reel and one of my short films is hitting the festival circuit so if you live near somewhere it goes, I'll be bugging you to attend.

that being said, I booked a Funny or Die video filming thursday, did a music video for a contest over the weekend, having something possibly going on with NBC that I really can't talk about (though i will say you get a little freaked when you wake to a phone call from the legal dept at a major tv network) & had (what I felt) to be an AWESOME hosting audition today. I'm also going to be in a hair/fashion show for dreadeddragon on Sunday, which has already led to another audition because the place where I had the fitting for her show sent me an email today for an audition for their student fashion show.

good things are happening to keep me away from blogging. I had this "on the brink of great things" feeling a couple of years ago, I pulled back out of fear (and panic attacks) & then let a shit ton of distraction sidetrack me. I'd like to call that "Pulling the Maya" (if you watch Project Runway, you get the reference). There will be no "pulling the maya" this time.
Tags: entertainment, hollywood
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