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From Twitter 04-12-2010

  • 00:36:43: @snowwhiteonacid really? i liked the sweet chili chicken
  • 00:44:48: You can see many good reasons for throwing caution to the wind... More for Leo
  • 01:03:55: The Kurgan from Highlander was in The Informant. He's also in the new Nightmare on Elm Street.
  • 01:04:33: damn, this wine from @Fresh_and_easy is knocking me on my ass and I only paid $2 for it.
  • 01:16:40: "when u jumped thru my ceiling u let an owl in. I know they're supposed to be wise,but all it did was shriek & poop out half digested mice"
  • 01:43:02: Going to bed, wine to my head.
  • 12:20:08: @marieclaire I can tell u what makes a difference: losing weight. I implore you 2 get her 2 think about her obesity. She is killing herself!
  • 12:20:54: @bcuban So that's why I like hickey fights and action parents spanked me
  • 12:21:18: @bcuban hockey fights...stupid phone
  • 12:25:42: @ErikaMarie what?
  • 12:29:04: CHOOOOOOOO!! hey Choo-baca!!!
  • 12:29:52: @castrovince yay Choo-baca!
  • 12:30:37: @BenWhitehair had to pick up a shift at work. No meety uppy tonight
  • 12:32:01: @Fresh_and_Easy if I could hug Burbank store, I would. like to believe my constant suggestions resulted in that store becoming reality
  • 12:33:35: Could I be a little more Ohio-centric @24hourfitness today? Dayton tennis shirt, Indians hat, Ohio state water bottle
  • 12:42:11: @bcuban nope. I find them very white trashy. Granted I'm from the country of whitetrashia, but I take few traits & traditions from there
  • 12:44:18: I checked in at 24 Hour Fitness (6380 W Sunset Blvd) on #Yelp
  • 12:53:19: Just got another self producing idea but I'd need a LeBron lookalike, some Cavs fans & an editor willing to work for free
  • 13:12:55: I think it's so rude when ppl ask to "work in" at the gym. Wait ur turn just like I did.
  • 13:13:57: @Leahs_Story when I tell u my idea you'll see how HUGE and viral my project has potential to be
  • 13:20:16: @BenWhitehair yeah hopefully soon this job situation will improve
  • 13:41:33: @MarcIstook ah the phone talkers and flirters
  • 14:15:49: i think my microwave has a death wish today. first, it blew up my cream of wheat this morning. now it just blew up my eggs.
  • 14:16:38: @castrovince love that they are being more aggressive on the base pads. this regime wouldn't have held Kenny Lofton up at third.
  • 15:43:09: Eff this pathetic piece of shit little league bullpen! once again sailing the tribe up the river! Thank u cheap ass owner. Larry dolan DIAF
  • 23:09:14: @Wolffem @DanielleCasting I'm not at tweetup, watching DWTS. research for when I'm famous & can be on it. Plus @OGOchoCinco follows me here
  • 23:11:52: @snowwhiteonacid @OGOchocinco was doing his laundry at the laundromat the other day, surprised TMZ doesn't have that.
  • 23:39:09: Edyta is wearing dental floss as a must be Rumba Week on DWTS.

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