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From Twitter 04-10-2010

  • 00:42:34: You aren't willing to let anyone else take control of your dai... More for Leo
  • 01:26:03: 99-cent Spencer rode yanks wagon last yr. playoffs, rolls into gym with red sox hat 2 day, could throttle him. Knows nothing about baseball
  • 01:27:12: What little he does know I taught him and his bitch ass is from San Diego so he needs to be representin Padres no matter how sucky
  • 07:57:40: The song Paradise by the Dashboard Light is so damn long, u can drive from the valley to the westside on the 405 just listening to it
  • 07:59:12: Paradise by the Dashboard Light is so long that by the end of the song you forget how the song started
  • 08:01:14: @snowwhiteonacid They could have at least told u they were broke in advance like I did. I'll hook u up later though
  • 08:01:40: @Gator4God another day game?!?
  • 08:03:36: @julzharlz I think it also mist e illegal to bathe there as well. Michigan stinks!! Haha
  • 08:04:13: At the music video shoot.
  • 08:14:43: @julzharlz they make u sign ur acceptance letter to Ohio State in blood w/ a vow to hate all things Michigan. Didn't you know that?
  • 09:51:10: I am what u get if Sarah silverman & chelsea handler made a baby w/ macguyver in a sports bar & baptized the child with vodka.
  • 12:45:49: Still on music video set. At least sun came out so I'm not freezing.
  • 12:56:26: @jamesbaltazar is he ok?
  • 15:23:48: Sooooo we had to stop shooting because because apparently someone really was "shooting" in the area & the choppers were out.
  • 19:24:52: @snowwhiteonacid Westchester over by LMU
  • 19:37:42: Brittany Binger makes me nauseous just by her stupidity she displays on Kendra. Stay away from my center fielder, you twit.
  • 19:52:16: RIP Dixie Carter.
  • 20:58:31: I checked in at B.J.'s Restaurant & Brewery (107 S 1st St) on #Yelp
  • 21:00:44: So sad b-dubs was closed for ufc. Seriously, people pay to watch this redneck bullshit. Hell I can get bums downtown to fight for less.
  • 22:06:27: Don't know who the she-male looking creature on the NBA channel is, but it could quite possibly be Charles Barkley in drag.
  • 22:41:18: I checked in at Yogurtland (304 N San Fernando Blvd) on #Yelp
  • 22:50:39: @TimBella give me my damn pitcher back! Hahaha, jk
  • 23:49:45: Brooke and I have martinis w/ russian vodka and you don't. выпивать хорошее вещество

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