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From Twitter 04-09-2010

  • 00:45:45: @OGOchoCinco watching Survivor
  • 01:15:31: There are people in your life now who are a total enigma to yo... More for 66884
  • 01:31:52: Once again, another STUPID STUPID decision on Survivor. You freaking morons. Where is Shii Ann to say "stupid stupid people"?
  • 01:33:35: I have to say that the preview for next week was the best ever preview...a flashback of all the dumb moves.
  • 03:14:49: Shape magazine with Chelsea Handler on the cover? of course I bought that ish! I want to know what vodka brand gives you those abs.
  • 13:40:42: @JohnnyGWeir so this means 2nd season of BGJW!?!?
  • 13:42:31: RT @SMFA3: Many CDs prefer printed-on resumés because, when printed on, actors' credits and contact info cannot get separated from their ...
  • 13:43:51: @jamesbaltazar I actually agree with that casting of Pattinson. wow, there's a first. LiLo as Courtney Love, she has the drugged look down
  • 13:59:06: @BenWhitehair I keep saying LiLo as Courtney Love. She's got the drugged daze down like a pro!
  • 13:59:36: @elizabeth_ann congrats. btw, i'm filming ALL day tomorrow :(
  • 14:02:44: @NYCRedhead stick with classic pink maybelline or the new CoverGirl lash extend or lash blast. MUAs SWEAR by them.
  • 14:08:43: @CocksWithP It's actually happened to me SEVERAL times. ugh. the one girl even came to me to get my "blessing" of the relationship.
  • 14:15:14: @julzharlz you do realize, we sat a few of our starters due to the late night extra innings vs. CWS last night, right? Go Tribe!
  • 15:10:52: Just had to turn down a role in a student film because it conflicts with something i'm already shooting.
  • 15:17:17: about to sell my soul to LACasting again. they just LOVE extorting actors.
  • 15:21:56: Hey if you know any Hard Rock Cafe pin collectors, I'm probably putting some nice rare pins up on Ebay in the next few days. spread the word
  • 16:50:46: At the gym. Come on phone...ring with SOME kind of auditon...please!
  • 17:10:15: @Rhiannon2408 told u Kobe only cares about Kobe just like Manny cares only about Manny. It's an LA sports thing.
  • 17:52:28: Trust me when I say Luis valbuena will be an all-star & win gold gloves. Trust the process
  • 18:44:43: @OGOchoCinco MSG me where and I'll come hang out
  • 19:20:22: @MarcIstook oh, that's probably me! haha.
  • 19:54:34: 3 months on and not a single date. can you say waste of money? I can!
  • 19:58:18: Who is a more worthless 3B: Jhonny Peralta or his fictional counterpart, Roger Dorn? Ole!
  • 20:16:31: @tericee did he just build a crackhouse and put a black wig on it?
  • 20:28:00: @GirlSascha not me....not a single date. maybe it's because i refuse to date guys old enough to be my father.
  • 21:03:25: RT @jaycrawfordespn: i said this morning corey would go 24 feet tonight. i was wrong. he went 25' 1/2" longest jump in the country this ...
  • 21:03:32: @jaycrawfordespn congrats to him!!
  • 21:03:54: time for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. I LOVE this show.
  • 21:05:32: @GirlSascha yep and if you saw some of the others, you'd be like "ew!"
  • 21:57:15: @DanielleCasting watching jamie oliver's food revolution, then some light cleaning & bed. 8am call time for music video.
  • 22:01:09: I despise that stupid grouchy hideous lunch lady who thinks she knows it all on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.
  • 22:40:01: latest Tribe blog entry:
  • 23:00:22: winding down & getting ready for bed. filming a music video all day tomorrow.

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