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From Twitter 04-08-2010

  • 00:18:08: Bloggin America's Next Top Model:
  • 00:31:29: @snowwhiteonacid you can investigate that ish on your own. don't forget your mace.
  • 00:34:24: if you didn't see Valbuena's first inning catch in the CLE/CWS game today, I feel sorry for you. damn, that's some clutch defense.
  • 00:34:48: @snowwhiteonacid yeah, I only walk down figueroa from work to subway.
  • 00:42:54: @snowwhiteonacid i totally forgot to get one of those to try. I skipped frozen stuff too because the lines were too long for checkout.
  • 00:43:27: watching Indians game, about to start my acting class homework.
  • 00:45:19: You are easily distracted by your desire for comfort now and w... More for Leo
  • 01:18:03: oh baseball, how I missed you.
  • 03:26:00: Shin-soo Choo made Bobby Jenks his freaking bitch on the basepads tonight. Choo stole 2 bases on him almost standing up!
  • 03:27:17: my face such a greasy gross mess at the moment. skin moisturizer claims to give you younger's made mine 16 again apparently.
  • 03:54:03: @jamesbaltazar he walked so many batters that he could start a dog walking service, but only 1 hit which is what saved his ass in the end
  • 03:54:30: @Leahs_Story congrats nite owl
  • 03:55:46: I am a thrillseeker. I'm going to get tickets to Mannywood and then taunt him from there. He runs like cookie monster from sesame street
  • 13:09:38: Chuck was honestly like the best episode ever!!! Morgan & the general stuff was hilarious.
  • 13:11:52: @JeffProbst my fave was Chris taking down the girl alliance against the odds in Vanuatu.
  • 13:32:51:
  • 13:44:12: @SaraJBenincasa congrats on the book. boo on the jury.
  • 13:58:57: getting restless. want auditions. sick of this holding pattern. need new job as well. check was so less than expected.
  • 14:18:47: looking back on Buffy, who would've thought David Boreanaz would have 2 more shows after with 100 episodes each?
  • 14:19:44: time to hit the gym.
  • 15:06:13: I'm going insane over the lack of big money paid gig auditions at the moment
  • 15:51:34: Doubling my boycott of Victoria's Secret. Collegiate line: no Ohio St.; MLB line: no Indians or Reds. VS owned by OSU grad too. Disgraceful
  • 15:57:22: @jaycrawfordespn I'm going to live at The Horseshoe & The Jake. Ghosts can timeshare, right?
  • 17:35:24: @katie_corbut i say let's organize a massive boycott.
  • 17:56:09: Want to see the biggest waste of $10mil? go look at Kerry Wood sitting his ass on the disabled list in the Indians dugout.
  • 19:14:13: Class now so less tweeting for a couple hours. Keep those Indians updates coming though
  • 20:47:18: Come on Sizemore!! Time to show you're back and leading this team.
  • 22:39:25: @SmllTwnGrl it f'n rocks
  • 23:34:57: @SmllTwnGrl nothing really besides free parking no time limit
  • 23:35:44: @snowwhiteonacid figure out why lapd is there

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