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From Twitter 04-07-2010

  • 00:27:06: finally home and with food.
  • 00:30:11: i'm going to KILL my dvr. it bounced The Biggest Loser again! thank god it's part of free On Demand on my cable.
  • 00:42:15: A close friend or associate might seem very detached today, pu... More for Leo
  • 00:48:47: if you watch Melrose Place, where Ella met the nerd tonight is the theater where I've seen many midnight movies.
  • 02:27:13: I feel a little R. Kelly dirty seeing that picture of Elian Gonzalez. What's the age of consent in Cuba?
  • 02:37:55: My credit score jumped up like 30 points in like the past 3 month. wtf! shouldn't it go down if i rack up more debt?
  • 03:07:03: my teeth hurt from my dental cleaning. off to bed. Fresh & Easy grand opening in the morning.
  • 09:40:07: @ErikaMarie ehhhh fuck it! I think he's legal in like Mississippi anyway. Haha
  • 09:41:27: Fresh & easy Burbank!!!!!
  • 09:45:09: I haven't seen clash of the titans but apparently my uterus has. It has decided to release the kracken (if u know what I mean)
  • 09:55:29: @Fresh_and_Easy I'm at Burbank NOW!!! waiting to get in. Standing on the green carpet. Thanx for the invite
  • 09:58:02: This @fresh_and_easy has alcohol!
  • 10:47:19: @fresh_and_easy my cart is getting full at burbank.
  • 11:12:19: Waiting in line at fresh and easy Burbank. At least I don't have to worry about paying for parking at this one
  • 11:16:02: Wow there are some seriously cranky old women here in burbank at the f&e. How can you be so bitter & cranky in such a happy place?
  • 11:46:03: I have a total joygasm over the new @Fresh_and_Easy in Burbank.
  • 11:46:59: @paulinalogan vedugo & olive where the old cvs used to be next to Miami Fitness and Lenscrafters.
  • 12:17:34: @jamesbaltazar cheaper than whole foods & trader joe's. lots of products that are organic or all-natural. cheap beer & wine.
  • 12:19:32: @jamesbaltazar hey i got free baseball ppv. do i wanna watch col-mil or sf-hou?
  • 12:20:14: @commeagent does that really work for making a VO demo or is that just for practice?
  • 12:25:20: I'm gonna start it's going to be tweets from the toilet. You KNOW people do it!
  • 12:42:39: @DanielleCasting here! watching baseball, organizing fridge/pantry, should get ready for gym or runyan. nice day out.
  • 12:42:59: the couch ate my kitty's feet again.
  • 12:50:01: once again, ESPN proving it's Everything Sox & Pinstripes Network. Yanks/Red Sux on AGAIN. There are 28 other teams, you know, right?
  • 12:59:51: why are like ALL the server jobs on Craigslist on the westside. ugh.
  • 13:33:58: @ThePandoraBoxx <3 you on Drag Race & that dress on your twitter background is fierce!
  • 14:00:26: @OGOchoCinco Chade totally has your smile.
  • 14:43:14: yes! got called into work! miracles do exist.
  • 20:15:22: @castrovince that's cuz Grady is clutch
  • 21:20:18: @wrongheaven I know of a way to possibly confirm or deny that
  • 21:29:09: Profitable night. Now home to watch Indians on delay even though I know they won
  • 22:06:36: @jamesbaltazar that was a good one
  • 22:32:44: thanx all for the toilet tweet retweet. keep that shit going! haha.

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