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Bloggin America's Next Top Model

-Anslee "to be on the bottom and realize how much you could potentially lose for your family" comment has to be one of the best Child Please statements of the season so far. She acts like this is the only way her baby will eat or something. Oh no, mom didn't make it on the reality show, we're going to have to sell Fancy to the highest bidding suitor like a Reba McEntire video now. Her kid didn't look to be that old either, so I doubt she's even going to remember you being gone a few weeks to film a reality show (and I say a few weeks because I DON'T see this chick winning this by a long shot)
-Just remember, you might not be able to be a model and a coroner, Tatiana....but, you CAN be an actor and a coroner. After all, there's like a new CSI popping up every season or two.
-Poor Miss J sounds like he has a bug or something. Get that doll some hot ginger tea stat!
-Whoa damn, Nigel is hot now but I wouldn't kick old-school Nigel out of bed for eating crackers either! hot damn is right, Angelique.
-Jessica practically rapes Nigel during the challenge. WTF was that besides some serious crazy cakes?!?!
-This "chemistry" photo shoot is just bizarre (Can we just have Heidi Klum say bizarre in that last line? i just like the way she says that word)
-What is with Anslee acting like she's been shuttled off to Lost island to cure cancer or something? You're at a 10, i need you to turn it down to at least an 8 on the drama queen.
-Oh lovely, the other Jay is now going to lecture the girls about how the #1 fashion crime is to purchase knockoffs? Wait, let me go grab my Frada or my Foach while wearing an ABS dress (I mean, technically, they do knockoffs because every year they do a line of award season "inspired" dresses). So apparently, I cost some peeps some jobs with that Frada I bought in Aruba. oops.
-The extreme nature of this shoot made Angelique look= like a cracked out drag queen on set. could be a different story when the picture hits the screen during judging.
-Tyra just LOVES to toot her own horn and she'll be the first to tell you that as well.
-Nope, Angelique still looks like she could audition for RuPaul's Drag Race in that picture.
-hmmmmm, this was rough. I think I'm going to go Alexandra & Brenda in the bottom two, though editing would suggest Anslee is somewhere in that bottom. (well, got one of them right.)
-Hey Anslee, you want to talk losing something.....let's take a moment to think about Tatiana who dropped out of school to be on the show. No guarantees she'll get back in, colleges are funny like that.
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