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From Twitter 04-06-2010

  • 00:35:06: @snowwhiteonacid got it
  • 01:48:04: @SamanthaMason I can't take the commute downtown anymore. It's driving me insane. Places should be loading up for summer soon
  • 01:52:10: My cat is acting bat shit crazy.
    Maybe brace yourselves for an aftershock peeps
  • 01:53:26: Ok bedtime. Long day tomorrow. Behind orange curtain for dentist, then audition, then work, then maybe gym. Pray traffic gods on my side.
  • 01:54:07: If Bruce Willis is the patron celebrity saint of parking, who is the patron celeb saint of traffic?
  • 01:55:11: Oh yeah offered a student film but may have to decline due to already booke music video
  • 11:08:46: RT @OGOchoCinco I have randomly been selected for the drug testing policy for the NFL, they ain't gonna find nothing but McDonalds n redbull
  • 11:11:08: Behind the orange curtain to get my teeth cleaned.
  • 12:27:16: Perfect teeth as always. Now refuel coffee and off to hwood for audition
  • 12:28:11: @BenWhitehair haha. Um don't get me started on that
  • 12:34:10: @BenWhitehair oh I totes have enemies or at least jealous peeps. That's why I had to shut my formspring down
  • 12:35:23: @OGOchoCinco just for you:
  • 12:39:51: I checked in at Alexander Bob DDS (32122 Paseo Adelanto) on #Yelp
  • 14:08:07: Time for audition! People need to learn to drive in the center of their lane in la. Some ahole almost ran me into a center divider twice
  • 15:13:45: @Fresh_and_Easy see u tomorrow in Burbank?
  • 15:14:41: Now rushing to subway to work
  • 16:19:17: work always, on the patio. #lookingforanewjob
  • 21:29:37: Done with work. Subway to hwood & gym

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