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From Twitter 04-05-2010

  • 00:40:56: Don't be surprised if you draw someone's ire because you are n... More for Leo
  • 00:47:24: I'm being completely lazy tonight. going to bed after my ritual viewing of Major League is over.
  • 01:06:09: I'm thinking I should join MLBlogs: and write about the Indians all season.
  • 01:10:34: @snowwhiteonacid 11am, bring a computer and do work. I'm bringing mine, they're going to think we're fantasy baseball nerds.
  • 02:15:32: Tomorrow, my character will be Indian princess Pronkahontas! Go Tribe #openingday #indians #cleveland
  • 02:20:08: @ladygaga did you give up anything for Lent?
  • 02:54:41: I'm officially a tiny voice of Tribe baseball (Jobu's Teepee) @jaycrawfordespn @castrovince watch out! haha
  • 11:08:11: it's Tribe Time now!!!! Go Indians! now if i just had sound. this place won't turn it on because of the lame ass Dodgers.
  • 11:11:13: I checked in at Buffalo Wild Wings (127 E Palm Avenue) on #Yelp
  • 11:19:33: well, that's always a GREAT way to start a season. i hope this is just nerves from Westbrook and the Tribe offense can bounce back.
  • 11:20:03: someone know where I can get some free audio for this game so i can run it on my computer or Iphone?
  • 11:24:45: @ActorInformant at the same time, they're not going to say "oh perfect for role, but used horiz headshot....NEXT!" #actormindtaffy
  • 11:26:29: @katie_corbut nah, i'm all tribe all the time. i was on there on computer. it was nothing but Rush Limbaugh...ew! thought he was leaving US
  • 11:28:25: I'm ballsy enough that I'm going to get a ticket to Mannywood & taunt the dirty Cookie Monster. take that, Dodgers baseball.
  • 11:36:46: Manny just watched that one go bye bye. Lay off the bunuelos, you fat ass. Oh wait, even running wouldn't have save that. #Dodgers baseball
  • 12:01:20: For those who worship at the Church of Baseball....Today is Easter. IT HAS RISEN!!
  • 12:03:24: @castrovince this is NOT the way to start the season.
  • 12:17:22: @castrovince Westie throws one more wild pitch & I think he will be obligated to change the name & number on his jersey to Vaughn 99
  • 12:36:02: Dear Tribe: you are KILLING me!!!
  • 13:03:22: @BenWhitehair submit and put in the comments: fyi, actors cannot use non-sound films for reels!
  • 13:16:49: RT @tribeinsider: Last time the Indians were shutout on opening day was in 2005 here in Chicago (Buehrle also started that game)
  • 14:12:50: @CocksWithP if they are watching a game. heck, i'm wearing a jersey today even
  • 14:42:41: Time to go job hunting now in Weho/hwood. Must find something closer to home.
  • 15:40:24: @elizabeth_ann there is qwitter I think.
  • 15:44:20: If anyone knows of some restaurant/club server hirings in hollywood/weho, please dear god help me get out of a bad situation
  • 15:44:57: My commute where I am at now is killing me
  • 16:24:19: @DanielleCasting survival job hunting in hwood
  • 16:54:35: Now I remember how depressing survival job hunting can be. I hear "no" even more than I do at auditions
  • 17:29:35: Yogurtland good. Red velvet cake batter yogurt. Studio city yogurt still the cheapest
  • 17:31:31: I checked in at Yogurtland (5541 Sunset Blvd) on #Yelp
  • 17:42:14: Now I totally have to hit the gym @24hourfitness.
  • 18:16:43: My manager asked me to participate in a 5k in like a month. Eek. I might do it.
  • 19:34:28: @SaraJBenincasa so my mom had this kitchen towel: cat by a gate, caption: back door pals are best. She didn't get why I was dying laughing
  • 20:49:20: @OGOchoCinco i'm STILL trying to get tickets. this stinks! Hook a girl up next week!
  • 22:01:57: Vote to keep Chad Ochocinco & Cheryl Burke dancing on ABC!
  • 22:06:42: @OGOchoCinco no
  • 22:31:30: @snowwhiteonacid shit, i forgot about that
  • 22:35:20: @thekidet Buckeye class of 2000 here, you best know what to do. O-H.....
  • 23:00:49: the Indians sucked so bad today that they were like the last highlight shown everywhere.
  • 23:52:30: @suzy7676 don't insult the mannequin like that. Kim Catrell danced quite well as a mannequin back in the 80s. haha.
  • 23:59:56: @estepmike i'm going to bed soon as well. LONG day ahead tomorrow. Dentist in OC, audition in hwood, work downtown, somehow gym.

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