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From Twitter 04-04-2010

  • 00:09:24: Happy Easter. I survived like 6 weeks without vodka. Let's see you do THAT, Chelsea Handler!!!
  • 00:30:04: Some douche thinks he is being cute trying to jump in our pictures we are taking at beauty bar. Ummmm, don't be THAT guy
  • 00:44:01: There's little question about your high level of integrity, wh... More for Leo
  • 00:44:45: I'm a Regular at Beauty Bar on #Yelp!
  • 00:46:37: There is some couple sitting next to us here damn near having sex next to us! Get a damn room!!! They just licked each other!
  • 00:49:22: If they conceive a child this close to me, I think it officially makes me the godmother
  • 02:56:34: And I think i'm done with formspring at least allowing anonymous questions. some people just crossed a line.
  • 03:30:25: time for a warm bed. my throat hurts. hope i'm not getting something. headshots tomorrow.
  • 03:33:08: Man, I bet Anya from Buffy the Vampire Slayer is totally hiding in a cave today. Too many bunnies for Easter.
  • 03:37:31: Actually I'm done all together with formspring. Thank you for the experience. I'll stick to Twitter & Facebook where it's harder to hide.
  • 12:33:00: Shooting headshots with @wolffem
  • 19:12:22: @HarloweBlonde Chicago weather tomorrow? Indians are playing white sux
  • 19:19:47: Oh yeah, I was in the subway when the quake hit! Fun times
  • 19:32:33: @KOWILLIAMS1 thanx!!! Go me!
  • 19:32:54: @jamesbaltazar no didn't feel a thing
  • 19:49:09: @jaycrawfordespn are our Indians gonna shock some peeps here and there?
  • 19:50:11: Praying to god that a bookcase or anything didn't fall on my cat with that quake
  • 20:25:14: @OGOchoCinco what u think of that quake earlier?
  • 21:07:55: Niedercat is fine. it appears nothing has moved in my apt. I love this building with regards to quakes.
  • 22:01:59: ugh, so mad that a couple idiot teams are left in The Amazing Race who should not be.
  • 22:12:02: @LasVegasAngel heard the quake could be felt in vegas even
  • 23:26:22: Time for my annual Opening Day eve viewing of Major League.
  • 23:28:52: Did you know the nun in the opening credits of Major League is an actual diehard Tribe fan?
  • 23:36:41: Charlie Sheen is so beautiful in this movie. Wild Thing, you make my heart sing. #majorleague
  • 23:43:43: FYI, at the time of filming Major League, Charlie Sheen's own fastball topped out at 85 miles per hour.
  • 23:46:13: former players in Major League '82 AL Cy Young winner Pete Vuckovich: Clu Haywood, Willie Mueller: "The Duke" & Steve Yeager: Duke Temple.

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