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From Twitter 04-01-2010

  • 00:40:22: You might not have an obvious reason to be so sure of yourself... More for Leo
  • 01:12:19: Bloggin America's Next Top Model:
  • 01:13:00: @stgactor @ActorInformant is asking about you.
  • 01:25:03: @ActorInformant I know, but I also know from other message boards that Phil will openly address inquiries/questions as well.
  • 01:35:51: happy bday to @snowwhiteonacid
  • 02:42:32: @Rhiannon2408 wow! Aggressive behavior from you?!? Ok who spoke bad of Kobe (besides me)!?
  • 02:43:36: Nite loves. Auditions in morning. I can do this. I can get up before noon & function on little sleep.
  • 11:03:53: Infiltrating USC for an audition. So sad when I can't just wear my osu rose bowl shirt to taunt
  • 11:17:39: RT @castrovince #Indians just had to move up their bus time this AM. Today's game in Tempe is at 12:05 not the standard 1:05.
  • 11:21:02: Now to pick up tues night tipouts at work. Not expecting much.
  • 11:40:27: @ActorInformant they claim to have removed production costs now according to breakdowns on la casting
  • 12:27:29: Audition #2 time. No parking in lot & nearest street parking is seriously like at least 1/4 mile away
  • 12:29:32: @SmllTwnGrl that sounds about right. I'll dbl check when I get home or u can check
  • 12:29:55: @ActorInformant they say u have to sell 2 tickets per show.
  • 12:30:51: @castrovince so mad, I should be there but I got scheduled for auditions and have to stay in la
  • 12:42:09: @castrovince and I will be in an acting class :( sad baseball face, but happy actor face
  • 12:48:31: The actor next to me in this waiting area has a resume FULL of "featured" on major tv shows. Can u say extra work & epic actor fail?
  • 12:49:50: For comparison, I have 1 featured role from a movie. It's because it's on my imdb & I did have 1 line. THAT is a TRUE featured role!
  • 12:52:29: Another ex. of TRUE feature: u have no lines, but dialogue talks about u, addresses u, acknowledges u & u are shown reacting or are upstage.
  • 12:52:56: @bonniegillespie settle down there, Tigger! J/k
  • 12:55:09: @TalentAgentLA hey I got something we should address. Real true featured roles vs. Featured roles that are extra work exaggerations
  • 13:34:29: Ended up getting to read for a 2nd audition that was being held in se building. Saw a parking spot for Larry David, wonder if it's THAT 1.
  • 13:45:28: Omg! I just found a trailer park in the middle of santa Monica. #whitetrashroots
  • 15:11:21: @snowwhiteonacid sorry I have auditions and class.
  • 15:13:24: Gym time! Re-reading Scott sedita's 2nd book really helped me to figure how to make everything fit into a day. Apologies to fbook neglect
  • 15:23:46: @ActorInformant it's an April fools joke. Actors access puts out one every year.
  • 15:41:05: @ActorInformant ok just making sure
  • 16:57:04: just booked a gig to talk about Ohio State football on Saturday.
  • 17:27:38: @ricom15 are you saying Beyonce is a "beard" like Katie Holmes?!!?
  • 17:47:15: time to get ready for class.
  • 18:08:13: @Rhiannon2408 so sad i didn't get to see you before you left. give me your addy, i'll mail your necklace to you.
  • 18:59:00: Class time. Off the grid for 3 or 4 hrs.
  • 23:25:30: yeah, i'm not even going to acknowledge certain questions on formspring. bigger things to worry about like my dad being back in ICU.
  • 23:26:27: @DanielleCasting i totes moisturize & eye cream
  • 23:58:51: does russell REALLY think he can take on Rupert!?! child please!
    i have to turn on my @OGOchocinco app & hit the c'mon son button for that

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