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Bloggin America's Next Top Model

-Wonder what they'll do to Brenda to make her "more edgy" since the short hair did nothing except make her look like a soccer mom (well along with the fact that she dresses herself like one)
-Tyra mail in da limo!!! "improvise"....acting challenge?!!?
-They're taking a trip to the UCB (Upright Citizens Brigade) in NYC! Oh this is going to be some funny least from the UCB peeps.
-UCB guy asks for "volunteers" from the audience, but you know he's just going for the Top Model girls.
-they obviously went straight from the judging to the challenge because Alashia was still wearing that god-awful hoochie mama rap video swimsuit under her clothes. WTF?! someone make her burn that thing.
-Hair person shows up to do Brenda's hair and this might just be a meltdown because it might be getting buzzed off. "You're a model, that's what you guys have to do!". It's either going to be tons of tears or a another Cassandra-like quitting.
-i find it hilarious that the Old Navy commercials spoofing Top Model air during Top Model. "hand in your stand!"
-yes! live improv commercials on Times Square.
-man, what are they giving these girls to make them so damn uptight when they get in front of a camera this season?
-Anslee suddenly thinks she's on Top Chef trying to tell Alashia what she can and cannot eat.......and screaming drizzzz-ama ensues.
-time to jump on the vampire bandwagon with everyone else. Along with some really bad acting from Jay dressed as a vampire.
-Added stakes: white-out contacts to make the models blind (because all vampires all blind...not).
-I love how these girls are spazzing out about the fake blood....oh chill, it's just freaking corn syrup. hell you probably put more of it your body in a single day.
-Wait, i'm confused. If the models are vampires, why are they drained and why do they have bite marks on their necks. Those should've healed when they turned. I'm citing Rice & Whedon on this. just saying.
-There's always one model each season who overthinks things.
-yeah Tyra...what IS with the jumpsuits this season!?! Did you get them in bulk?!
-Krista & Anslee in the bottom two and based on the editing of the episode, Anslee is going home. Simone & Jessica will be near the bottom too.
-Darn...streak is broken, but just barely...Krista got called right before bottom 2 & that's some crap with Anslee going over Simone.
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