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From Twitter 03-30-2010

  • 00:08:57: @SmllTwnGrl let me know if you need extra wifey help.
  • 00:41:43: You could play the role of a diplomat today as you stand in th... More for Leo
  • 00:51:33: Tila Tequila on The Cleveland Show is hilarious.
  • 00:56:27: @SaraJBenincasa sometimes it's even funnier than Family Guy.
  • 01:08:17: @OGOchoCinco still up & watching RuPaul's Drag Race.
  • 01:21:44: @OGOchoCinco Scott Sedita's "Guide to Making it in Hollywood" has a great chapter on fear. it's an acting book, but it applies elswhere.
  • 01:23:16: @OGOchoCinco sure....ustream it up.
  • 01:40:47: @lisa_curry i want to go to one sometime, just haven't been invited yet
  • 02:40:46: killing off my "babies" in my modeling portfolio. painful, but it has to be done.
  • 03:39:56: time for bed.
  • 03:58:57: @jaycrawfordespn get on @OGOchoCinco dude was on ustream crying about 2 hrs ago! He needs to suck it up & stop flirting #toughlove
  • 12:19:23: @GeneFallaize when do i submit my headshot/resume ;)
  • 12:21:37: @Rhiannon2408 let me know how that goes. hmm, maybe i should submit my tennis skills to them.
  • 12:25:13: @jaycrawfordespn he was trying & then he went to the bathroom & put water on his face. having watched the show b4, he's overthinking stuff
  • 12:25:43: RT @BenWhitehair: good mojo good mojo good mojo good mojo good mojo good mojo good mojo good mojo good mojo good mojo good mojo good moj ...
  • 12:27:12: RT @elizabeth_ann: congrats!! @NathanFillion @Stana_Katic @Jon_Huertas @tamalajones RT @EWAusielloFilesTHIS JUST IN: ABC renews CASTLE f ...
  • 12:57:25: I need to bust out some trade photo shoots and rebuild my book. Los Angeles photographers....let's talk.
  • 13:24:16: water in my apt is cloudy like milk. Plumber & landlord say it's ok to drink because it's just air where LADWP working on, really?
  • 14:15:11: my cat is face planted against the living room window
  • 14:21:19: @Fresh_and_Easy your ruby red grapefruit juice is making my cold go away faster. yay vitamin C!
  • 14:38:12: @iamgabriel thanx! some of the credit goes to @JennHoffmanFoto as she took the shot.
  • 14:38:44: for all you peeps who like my new pix, tell @JennHoffmanFoto as well. she did the shutter clickin.
  • 14:50:48: my sinuses feel like someone inflated Pamela Anderson's breast implants in them.
  • 16:47:11: @OGOchoCinco has u as the only dancer predicted green light safe.
  • 16:56:42: Work time
  • 16:57:40: @rtoro20 yes! 8 and is predicting ocho is safe
  • 21:45:49: oh lovely, the haters are back at formspring. not answering those questions, try again. yes, I look like my pix, sorry u are jealous.
  • 21:51:50: @snowwhiteonacid yeah, they seem to think I over retouched my pix to look nothing like me. You saw the raw images, you tell me.
  • 22:22:47: @snowwhiteonacid ugh. only if you don't want me coming.
  • 23:44:41: yes, the photos are me. that's what i look like now. get over it. accept it.

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