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From Twitter 03-29-2010

  • 00:31:22: @SmllTwnGrl i want to go to tea sometime in santa monica. I think it's at Tudor House. Chado on 3rd is nice.
  • 00:40:35: You won't have to go far for satisfaction today, as the pleasu... More for Leo
  • 01:34:27: Just watched the GREATEST ep of Tool Academy of all 3 seasons!!!! Holy piss!
  • 01:58:50: I'm sorry Indians, I knew I said I'd come visit you in AZ, but acting things have come up. I'll see you in Anaheim at the end of April.
  • 13:02:18: @jaycrawfordespn did you see the simulated season article in ESPN mag?! The AL Central is anyone's to win/lose...yes, even the Royals!
  • 13:15:05: @CityWalkLA is the prize a bulletproof vest so you don't get shot by all the gang members bangin up there now? or a can of skank-be-gone?
  • 13:47:45: back to a studio to drop off the application/background check from hell...shocked I don't have to leave a DNA sample with it.
  • 14:21:47: @rtoro20 8pm
  • 14:22:43: Ricky Martin comes out of the, you were the only one who thought you were hiding in there. #notashocker.
  • 14:35:07: @snowwhiteonacid i might as well have.
  • 15:18:51: @tericee they started making smaller ones after they started charging for bags.
  • 16:03:53: "The cockroach" doesn't look that hard or bad on Celebrity Fit Club.
  • 16:06:10: @CommTalentAgent devil's advocate: if agent called me now and said "be in Santa Monica by 5" I'd have to say "try my best"
  • 16:18:03: @CocksWithP does he want MAC or PC?
  • 16:24:14: @castrovince Blake is beardless, Manny is on birth control. haha.
  • 16:27:03: @ricom15 @rtoro20 boys...behave & get ready to watch @OGOchoCinco :P
  • 17:26:50: Dad back in hospital. Mom waited HOURS to tell me & I only found out because I called. She probably wouldn't have even called me
  • 17:50:03: Hey Los angeles & Hollywood! Stay away from 101 at barham/universal. Police chase just ended in gunfire
  • 20:02:01: @_marramarie_ who is that on the dodger billboard
  • 21:38:58: No, Evan Lysacek. That outfit on DWTS is awful. BTW, Ricky Martin came out today...just is your chance as well.
  • 21:41:59: RT @TMadCLE: You've watched the movie for you can rock the official tee!
  • 21:48:59: vote for @OGOchoCinco on DWTS!!!
  • 21:51:07: Vote to keep Chad Ochocinco & Cheryl Burke dancing on ABC!
  • 22:00:42: i just got my new pix....get ready gang :)
  • 22:02:56: I bet Buzz Aldrin & his wife still get freaky & knock boots.
  • 22:06:46: Brooke Burke is awful as a host so far. Her attempts to be funny on the fly usually fall flatter than my chest.
  • 22:09:26: Nicole from Pussycat Dolls went to college at Wright St Univ in Fairborn, OH (aka Tecumseh Tech, cuz it seemed like my whole hs went there)
  • 22:09:57: @castrovince better to implode like this today instead of NEXT Monday.
  • 22:17:40: RT @rocksoftware: You can vote for @OGOchoCinco & @CherylBurke1 all night via the app. 1-click & you're done. Download now (Free!) http: ...
  • 22:35:14: @OGOchoCinco dude, you are letting nerves get the best of you. You looked timid. just relax & have fun.
  • 23:16:14: "prostitutes are people too.....and they have a LOT of disposable income!" - Blair Waldorf
  • 23:29:38: new pix:
  • 23:30:17: new pic 2:
  • 23:30:54: new pic 3 color:
  • 23:31:50: new pic 3 b/w:
  • 23:50:25: @lisa_curry i've lived in columbus & la combined 12 years and still not one seder.

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