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From Twitter 03-27-2010

  • 00:26:29: My friend @jamesbaltazar rocks! Look what he got me!!
  • 00:38:22: You may feel as if you've been running on autopilot lately. It... More for Leo
  • 01:24:52: i am just FLOORED that kids don't know how to use forks & knives on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
  • 02:23:05: 1428 Genesee Ave in W. Hollywood...that's the addy for the house used in the ORIGINAL Nightmare on Elm St.
  • 03:04:42: ok, off to bed. job interview & fashion/hair show fitting tomorrow...and, oh yeah, now I have a cold to deal with too! paging Dayquil!
  • 03:05:11: AND I'M STILL MAD AT YOU EVAN TURNER! (you sleep on the couch tonight!)
  • 03:45:36: @GeneFallaize can we keep Jamie Oliver? I like what he's trying to do with his Food Revolution
  • 11:41:15: Job interview, Hollywood bowl!
  • 12:24:46: Fashion/hair show fitting time.
  • 14:02:13: @jamesbaltazar I think the Netflix is Family Guy "something something dark side"
  • 14:03:54: Kinda glad Cal Poly Pomona won the Div II bball championship since they came so close last yr & lost to my Findlay Oilers. very classy team.
  • 14:08:11: target for swimsuit and heels.
  • 16:45:31: roomie & i just scored like 4 pairs of Target sunglasses incl. Mizrahi at 99-cent store. purchased at target: $60, 99-cent store: $5 w/ tax
  • 17:30:44: Work time
  • 22:56:30: @OGOchoCinco not me :( I'm your ESPNzone LA hookup.
  • 22:58:03: happy bday @ladygaga hail to someone with originality and the tits to be bold.
  • 23:14:46: Dear idiot on Tool Academy: if you have THREE DUI's...yes, you DO have a problem with alcohol.
  • 23:32:44: @bensbrain7 brain, maybe you should stick to just grabbing the ass of the center handing u the ball for a while

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