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From Twitter 03-26-2010

  • 00:39:20: If you have been thinking about doing something special, today... More for Leo
  • 01:05:20: I checked in at In-N-Out Burger (4444 Van Nuys Blvd) on #Yelp
  • 01:26:44: it's so funny how little the haters on formspring REALLY know about me. My friends & I laugh at their so "off the mark" questions.
  • 01:45:46: @snowwhiteonacid i don't know who the losers are, but we do get a laugh from their silly questions.
  • 01:46:20: finally home! i've been gone like all day. great class.
  • 02:22:50: @snowwhiteonacid yeah, hey i might be road tripping next week, but i'll try to be back for the party. spring training might be on again.
  • 02:27:56: I think someone just made a really stupid decision on models of the runway.
  • 02:28:13: @snowwhiteonacid not cleared yet. I'm at the mercy of the tippers this weekend.
  • 02:44:07: Just saw one of my classmates on Grey's Anatomy! you go girl! she was in the desert flashback
  • 03:25:05: "if vodka cheated on Chelsea Handler, it would be with me!"
  • 03:56:17: Just set my first Google Alert. Also made my first "self" update on IMDB so my manager gets his credit.
  • 03:57:08: I say that because i don't update my IMDB myself. Production or others do it for me.
  • 04:01:33: crap, up too late! looks like it's straight hair for the hot chick commercial audition tomorrow.
  • 04:02:57: btw, gmail users, just thought you should know that google can steal ideas/inventions/concepts from your email & not give u a dime!
  • 04:04:23: after this class I took the last 4 weeks, I'm going to start reading terms of service, releases & contracts more thoroughly
  • 04:54:11: Finally to bed & that's going to bed w/ work still pending. Have to get up earlier now. #sleepdebt
  • 12:45:28: Audition time, friends! Break out the "chicken cutlets", I'm going in for a hot chick role
  • 13:44:48: @Kennyzimlinghau OMG! He's going to be reborn as their spawn!!!
  • 13:50:04: RT @SaraJBenincasa: Nuns should run the Church. They might beat your kids, but they probably won't molest them.
  • 13:50:21: @HarloweBlonde thanx for the #followfriday love
  • 13:51:17: I rarely do this, but #followfriday these bitches: @sarajbenincasa (and watch her on wknd Today show 8am hr 2morrow) & @HarloweBlonde
  • 13:53:36: RT @TheJudalina: RT @Actingnodrama: Most acting careers are at least 10 years in the making, so take the pressure off of individual audi ...
  • 13:56:16: RT @TheJudalina: Living in Los Angeles is 10% inspiration, 90% not getting killed/getting so angry you kill someone - on the freeway.
  • 13:57:45: @Fresh_and_Easy so glad u r coming to Burbank. I will be at grand opening unless audition/booking keeps me from it.
  • 13:58:07: @snowwhiteonacid thanx for giving me those chicken cutlets.
  • 14:00:26: @CocksWithP I talk to my ex-bfs regularly. One, though married, offered to shovel my parents drive this winter as my dad is sick. #smalltown
  • 14:02:44: Just for the record @ExploreTalent (who was following me until I blocked them), is a scam! don't fall for it.
  • 14:54:53: Attn couples: no one wants to see u give ur partner a tonsilectomy in public. GET A ROOM!
  • 15:39:20: Work time aka getting paid to watch Ohio State. Go Buckeyes!
  • 21:35:18: @fedupwithlunch can u please not ruin the show for ur west coast followers in the future?
  • 21:35:51: @SaraJBenincasa target!
  • 21:37:34: Off of work, they are filmin something downtown
  • 21:39:36: Corrction: sobriety check point, figueroa & 9th. Downtown Los Angeles. Heads up if ur at Jay-z at staples center
  • 21:42:58: Booked the spec commercial I audition for today! Yay "hot chick" me
  • 22:40:57: @BeatnikBetty 5 yrs: don't fuck your male best friend, don't live w/ ur female best friend & stay far far away from the blonde douchebag.
  • 23:09:41: I checked in at Bob's Big Boy Restaurant (4211 W Riverside Drive) on #Yelp

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