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From Twitter 03-25-2010

  • 00:09:55: Got invited back to OSU for my 10 yr. it's the weekend of the Miami (FL) game. hmmm, tempting (but only if i can get game tickets)
  • 00:10:40: sorry i'm overtweeting tonight. Very few throughout the day. I'm catching up.
  • 00:41:03: You can wear your feelings pretty close to the surface today a... More for Leo
  • 01:32:42: time to fire up homework again.
  • 03:30:22: My ADD has chilled slightly since I started reading my food labels again. I had a junk/processed food lapse & paid for it.
  • 03:31:46: Now if I can just get rid of the dull headache I've had on/off for like 5 days now.
  • 11:47:18: @GeneFallaize yep. getting new pix with my new hair up soon, auditions picking up, i'm in a great "biz of acting" class w/ great support
  • 11:48:38: @tericee when what started? the dull headache? my junk food binge? I tweeted about a lot of things last night.
  • 11:51:52: @BlackBeauty1975 @jaycrawfordespn 3 yrs? & have them take a scholarship from some1 who actually needs it & wants to be in school?
  • 11:53:32: @HarloweBlonde i know what you mean. POS Espnzone ruined my vacation with crappy scheduling of no money stations. :(
  • 12:11:15: @tericee i don't know, they've just always been here for as long as i can remember.
  • 13:42:58: Walking to my film screening. #Hollywood
  • 13:57:16: @CocksWithP would be curious to know if Jesse James was nerdy lookinh growing up. Have a theory I'm writing up based on ugly betty last nite
  • 15:17:01: @SaraJBenincasa i will alert the authorities....and possibly the gay bars
  • 16:31:08: Film screening rocked. People laughed their asses off. My line was on par with flute line from American Pie
  • 16:32:33: And my film is already confirmed for a festival along with entries to several others
  • 16:41:37: @ErikaMarie darn! I wanted 8/19 for selfish reasons
  • 18:52:59: At class. Off the grid for a cpl hrs

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