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From Twitter 03-24-2010

  • 00:40:18: I know it's kinda crap, but CW needs to keep Melrose Place around just for the awesomeness that is Katie Cassidy.
  • 00:40:24: You may be required to be on stage today or have interactions ... More for Leo
  • 02:18:29: hmmm, I got an offer to audition for Big Brother. Is this because i joked about what a mess I'd be on Survivor?
  • 02:21:24: Hey's obvious that you're reading my twitter & then attacking my formspring. You should get a hobby beside me, but i wish u well.
  • 02:59:22: shower and bedtime. 3 auditions tomorrow.
  • 03:37:22: @jaycrawfordespn don't listen to those peeps. It will only kill u if you don't listen to your body & try to push harder than it wants
  • 03:38:46: @jaycrawfordespn if your body says "ok warrior 1, but not that low" don't go deep into pose. Modify if u have to, I do all the time
  • 03:40:45: I hate u insomnia. Hmmm maybe if I treat the insomnia the ADD will behave better, bet I don't need a psyche eval. for ambien
  • 12:57:36: I'm at NBC! i'll refrain from kicking
    Jay leno in the shins
  • 14:46:24: Film audition time in hwood
  • 15:35:08: Just got called for job interview at Hollywood Bowl on sat
  • 17:19:36: Got offered chance to audition for Big Brother (as in skipping to the front of the line at the la auditions).
  • 17:20:54: @JohnnyGWeir are u doing something w/ @OGOchoCinco? he just said he was going there too
  • 18:02:31: Done hiking at runyan canyon & gymming @24hourfitness. Now shower & another audition. Busy girl today
  • 19:08:30: @TalentAgentLA 1 non-dumb blonde available for hire here :)
  • 19:37:53: At my last audition of the day, then it's home, dinner, agent research homework, survivor, top model bloggin
  • 20:31:22: @MLBNetwork watching 30 in 30. Go Indians!!!
  • 20:35:23: Mark Shapiro @MLBNetwork 30 in 30: "we're a mid-to-small market club. we're going to have cycles". Translation: Kiss Grady Sizemore goodbye
  • 20:36:31: @GeneFallaize I wish Subway, Starbucks and McDonalds would deliver. haha.
  • 20:39:15: @JohnDeVore How can the Human Torch be Capt. America? This is like wrong. it's like if you're on 1 Trek series you can't be on another 1.
  • 20:44:09: Someone needs to hold Chris Perez & Tim Lincecum down & chop that "i live in my parent's basement playing video games" hair off their heads.
  • 20:50:53: RT @LemonLimeAgency: Actors, fyi, when u make notes w/ ur confirms or cancels on lacn, it goes to your agent, not casting.
  • 20:52:18: @KristinOswald msg me and let me know how it ended. I want to know if i was right like I was on another recent film.
  • 20:54:11: To all you LA peeps whining about traffic today, I'm going to piss you off by sayin "what traffic?" It was smooth sailing for me today.
  • 20:55:17: @kevinsandbloom everytime you post the San Diego gig, I get excited because I see Ohio St. & think Ohio State..then I get disappointed. haha
  • 20:56:47: @JeffProbst I once wrote a comedy sketch based on tribal where the cast votes you off & they leave island to kick The Apprentices' asses
  • 20:57:25: RT @SaraJBenincasa: Debbie Downer Syndrome involves chromosomal problems with your emotional DNA. Treatment options are limited to SHUT ...
  • 21:00:08: @magnoliapr it seemed to go well. i have to go back tomorrow and drop off my background check forms. thanx again.
  • 21:03:32: Indians were established in 1901, but we only have 2 World Series titles & the last one was least we're not the Cubs.
  • 21:09:48: Watching Prime 9 Indians moments on @MLBNetwork makes me want to cry. what's it like to have a perennial winning team? #wishiwasinthe90s
  • 21:11:45: @tericee oh like they have cupholders on all grocery carts here in SoCal
  • 21:22:50: @jamesbaltazar yeah that's why i don't believe the Dolan-Shapiro bullshit. They lie! they are just cheap & the fans pay for it.
  • 21:25:28: @snowwhiteonacid omg! well there's really only 1 kinda ex that would even fathom doing that. haha.
  • 21:31:46: watching Survivor....Boston Rob makes me almost have like a 1% like factor for the Red Sux.
  • 21:55:01: well Courtney proves she's not anorexic by chowing down on that hot dog on Survivor. Anorexic girls won't even touch that "disguise eating".
  • 21:55:24: @snowwhiteonacid paging Marc Jacobs. that's where it went! j/k
  • 22:09:50: @snowwhiteonacid my hair looked very Courtney Love-ish this morning when i woke up & yes, it's charity considering those losers.
  • 22:19:34: @snowwhiteonacid it went well. i have to return forms tomorrow.
  • 22:35:30: @LasVegasAngel he's going to. if dr drew can't help you, you're fucked.
  • 23:09:43: @elizabeth_ann wait?!?! mental exams?!?! you can you diagnose my crazy! haha. headstart: i'm ADD & sometimes narcissistic.
  • 23:20:36: Damn!! America Ferrera looks HOT on Ugly Betty when they glam her up.
  • 23:39:35: Ugly Betty is so poignant & true. I can relate...I think i would've been a major bitch had not had my struggles growing up.
  • 23:46:36: for the record, your teeth do NOT look that clean when you get your braces off.
  • 23:48:49: but you do lick the crap out of your front teeth.

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