Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

America's Next Top Model recap

-I had so much hope for Naduah. it's such a damn shame that she sucked...and was probably a little bit of a compulsive liar/exaggerist. I remember a girl like that on once. spectacular look, but bat shit crazy & full of lies. She fizzled out in about a year. I hate wasted potential.
-You know, to this day, it hurts a little to see the NYC skyline without the twin towers.
-since Raina made Tyra howl, i wonder if she is related to Harry from "when Harry Met Sally"....he made a woman meow.
-Oh Ren, so young, so cannot live your life fulfilling other people's dreams especially your parents. You will never be happy that way.
-Holy crap...guest appearance by Tocarra from Cycle 3 and girlfriend is looking damn ass fine. She's lost more weight and put some serious muscle on those arms. They're almost Michelle Obama-ish.
-man, bluefly is getting around. Already on project runway, now on top model. I can see how it happens...Heidi is the host of top model in Germany.
-time for the Fab Bus Fashion Quiz....let's see how many I get right! Of the questions I could see, so far I'm 3 for 3 and it is true about nude panties....okay, 5 for 5 of what I could see.
-winners get go-see for a campaign booking.
-Ren, Ren, Ren...stop dragging it out! just quit already! Oh wait, she's going to instead be an immature brat and start trouble in the house. real damn cool, wonder if the producers put her up to it when the cameras weren't rolling. (yes, that stuff happens on "reality" shows)
-this week's photo shoot is dance styles: please give us line dancing some someone takes it too seriously and cowgirls it up like an Ashlee Simpson hoe-down.
-a lot of people are having some serious energy problems with this shoot. Maybe they need to feed these girls some Red Bull.
-Not even seeing the pictures, I will be SHOCKED if Alashia isn't in the top 3 of pictures. That style just suited her so well.
-ugh, this top model lounge with Bianca and Laura is AWFUL!!! Please just make it stop and bring back Top Models in Action.
-"Dreckitude" is the word of the season.
-of course, then Alashia ruins a good shoot by showing up to panel wearing her Lady Gaga costume. At least it was better than Brenda looking like a soccer mom.
-So Tyra asks Ren (who had a HORRIBLE picture and HORRIBLE shoot) if she wants to stay or leave. Ren says "stay". On that note, I say that she and Brenda will be in the bottom 2 and they will send Brenda home. I swear, it's like they are setting it up to take her all the way to the end.
-Thankfully, Tyra has put away the horrible eliminations puns that refer to whatever the shoot was that week.
-i am soooooo good! seriously, maybe someday I really SHOULD be an agent! I called that bottom 2...though I didn't think Ren would finally get the balls to quit. thank god she would suck to be taking opportunities from people who really truly want to be there. I give her props for that. Now she can go back to being all emo, hating life and cutting herself.
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