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From Twitter 03-23-2010

  • 00:04:44: Evan Lysacek is a dick. trying to bait Johnny in a press conf. & then not clearing his nationals performance for johnny's show.
  • 00:05:30: And why wouldn't he clear it? oh because he fell.
  • 00:16:15: @SaraJBenincasa i'll hit you with a catch up on fbook. too long for here.
  • 00:24:43: @SaraJBenincasa sent. have a fun read
  • 00:45:49: Harboring resentment can fuel a lingering anger today as the M... More for Leo
  • 01:52:05: wow, there's some serious hatred roaming about formspring tonight. good thing for that delete button.
  • 01:54:08: The haters are going to be so disappointed soon. hope it doesn't make them suicidal.
  • 03:08:08: IMDBpro is cool, but sadly cannot afford to keep it past the free trial.
  • 03:11:05: i have this nagging feeling that i have something to do tomorrow that i forgot to put in my calendar.
  • 03:35:21: okay, time for bed. don't forget that tomorrow is Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's from noon-8pm.
  • 03:36:21: Anyone want to go to my movie screening with me on Thursday day. Yeah, I, such is how small very local film festivals go.
  • 13:35:00: @JeffProbst sadly, it won't be Russell, i just hope it's not Boston Rob or Colby. those are my boys.
  • 13:36:59: @Wolffem sweet! thanx!
  • 13:38:39: How do they explain the filming of Undercover Boss w/o the employees thinking something is up?
  • 14:26:40: Oh snap! audition on the freaking NBC lot tomorrow!
  • 20:58:59: Done at work. <3 the 710 espn radio guys. They're so nice.
  • 21:01:40: Tonight's downtown homeless special: guy with sign that reads "old bum for adoption". Get me Angelina Jolie, she doesn't have 1 of those yet
  • 23:16:15: I think i'm done with Victoria's Secret. they're HQ'd in Ohio, yet no Ohio St in their collegiate line, no Reds or Indians in their MLB line
  • 23:55:25: @Codiferus4u there are so many douchey hipsters there.

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