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From Twitter 03-22-2010

  • 00:09:24: @elizabeth_ann my stupid dvr cut off because something made everything run late, i need the end of DH. grrr.
  • 00:21:06: @elizabeth_ann i just need like the last 10 minutes
  • 00:40:33: It's challenging to stay true to your energy today because you... More for Leo
  • 00:45:35: If i had the money & didn't think it would totally piss off Niedercat, I would get me a corgi dog & name it Slider.
  • 01:12:18: I don't know what nauseates me worse...Brittney Binger & her blank stare on Kendra or that nasty fart my cat just left in my bedroom.
  • 01:46:17: I want to crack the 20k mark on IMDB starmeter. I'm actually higher than I thought I would be though.
  • 03:32:17: doing homework for class. looking at agent patterns for my target shows so i know what agents/mgrs to target. not looking, just homework.
  • 03:33:21: and just to clarify again...NOT looking for new rep. it is just homework.
  • 03:44:26: @jennabryson i've never seen Dexter as I don't have showtime.
  • 03:59:37: time for bed. i stayed up way too late doing homework. Only one more show to research though.
  • 11:58:40: Tennis with kelly. Wearing my new Adidas shoes and tennis skirt.
  • 13:59:12: @rtoro20 8pm
  • 14:05:15: definitions, peeps: "research" looking at co-stars for past yr of a show & seeing what agencies/mgrs book most, starmeter rankings, etc.
  • 14:26:57: Definition 2: "homework" is NOT watching TV. it is doing the earlier stated research for a class I'm taking.
  • 15:06:52: oh hell yeah...started watching this season of Tool Academy. Co-ed tools!
  • 17:10:00: Off to work. Kings game so I get to wear a shirt that actually fits and flatters me
  • 17:11:51: Oh yeah east for @OGOchoCinco on DWTS!!!
  • 17:15:47: @rtoro20 baby there is rarely a super high score first week especially when you dance first
  • 17:29:16: @rtoro20 you can have a boy team and a girl team but only until the top 5 then u must choose
  • 17:29:40: @rtoro20 I will teach u all u need to know about dwts
  • 17:35:30: @rtoro20 this is like my 6th season
  • 17:47:50: @rtoro20 don't talk about Len like that. Have respect for the dinosaur!
  • 20:12:11: West coast!!! Vote @OGOchoCinco on DWTS!
  • 21:36:34: Just spent all 11 online votes on Ocho Cinco for DWTS!
  • 21:50:45: @OGOchoCinco you got all 11 of my online votes!
  • 22:05:54: Evan Lysacek is just ugh & he needs to lay off the damn spray tan. He looks like a damn oompah loompah.
  • 22:13:11: So far, Brooke Burke is falling a little flat on the hosting.
  • 22:15:10: Buzz Aldrin looks so young for his age. he honestly looks like he is only in his 60s.
  • 22:20:23: to anyone doggin Buzz Aldrin on DWTS, I want to see you do what he just did when you are 80.
  • 22:31:49: did anyone really think Edyta was going to wear that much clothing to dance in?!? She only wear what she does bec it's a family show.
  • 23:09:09: @Wolffem it's a top secret class. invite only.
  • 23:14:29: damn...what is up with Blake Lively's boobage all over this ep of Gossip Girl!?
  • 23:40:00: Time to watch Be Good Johnny Weir.

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