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From Twitter 03-21-2010

  • 00:12:00: did you know rich Northerners could evade the draft by paying $300 during the civil war? This is why u should watch The People Speak.
  • 00:24:59: getting some fun use of the delete button tonight. eventually someone will ask real questions.
  • 00:28:20: of course, now I have a pretty good idea where the rude questions are coming from.
  • 00:29:39: losers. funny how they still think of me after 5+ years. I don't waste a moment thinking about them. Kinda pathetic on their part.
  • 00:40:07: You cannot decide whether to laugh or cry today, yet ultimatel... More for Leo
  • 02:08:54: My ep of 1000WTD reairs on Spike @ 8pm on Sunday
  • 03:38:07: just did some acting resume feng shui. Felt great to remove those early non-dialogue films to make room for lead speaking roles.
  • 11:55:23: someone keeps stealing my Sunday paper. this is some serious BS!
  • 12:14:27: Let's go Buckeyes!!
  • 12:22:54: the delete button is in full effect at today, but for the record, I don't update my IMDB.
  • 12:38:00: that was just a beauty from Lighty to Turner to start the second half #buckeyes
  • 12:42:45: Looks like the Evan Turner show is warming up.
  • 12:49:35: Applebee's under 550 calories commercial...notice they have giant ass beers with those meals? those beers probably have more calories! haha
  • 13:00:27: come on Buckeyes, pull away already!
  • 13:27:28: I don't like games this close.
  • 13:31:30: OSU-GT basketball on my computer, Indians-Dodgers on tv with Vin Scully calling the game. Oh how Scully can weave a story.
  • 13:48:42: if you just missed the ending of Mich. St.-Maryland....holy crap! Sparty is going wild on the floor.
  • 13:55:10: I quite enjoy Vin Scully talking about Indians players & their childhoods. didn't know Hafner was a valedictorian.
  • 13:58:31: Kiss that bitch goodbye....Austin Kearns just brought Hafner home after Pronk doubled Sizemore home... Tribe up 3-0
  • 14:06:46: Breakdowns on NowCasting amuse me when ppl try to cast, then have to recast because they are a disorganized mess.
  • 14:13:48: time to get ready for work.
  • 19:19:57: @SaraJBenincasa thank u. I can't get help with my add because my insurance doesn't cover mental health care
  • 20:20:33: Some homeless guy just looked at me and said "I want myself a pretty white girl like you!"
  • 20:21:16: Dear universe, please give me a job away from downtown
  • 21:56:40: for all you peeps who hate this health care thing, well I don't. maybe it means I can actually get my ADHD meds.
  • 22:32:35: Jamie Oliver is hot!!! Not as hot as Curtis Stone, but I wouldn't kick either one of them out of my kitchen.
  • 22:44:17: @snowwhiteonacid you have to turn on geotagging, i think
  • 23:18:57: @bensbrain7 you're so funny brain.
  • 23:32:36: I love Julie Benz. Loved her on Buffy, loved her on Angel, love her on Desp. Housewives (hope she sticks around).
  • 23:47:33: I just saw the same generic prop cereal on both Desp. Housewives and Sons of Tuscon.
  • 23:58:43: @elizabeth_ann did you see your beloved Barrowman on Desp. Housewives?

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