Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

From Twitter 03-20-2010

  • 00:40:50: Watch out world, for you are on a roll today. It feels as if t... More for Leo
  • 06:31:43: This is too early for work not involving a set or a trailer
  • 07:08:54: I really have to start saying I won't get out of bed before 8am for less than $100
  • 12:23:35: @JohnnyGWeir you make me a cleaner person
  • 12:30:27: Villanova was an overrated 2 seed.
    Of course odds of another 2 seed upset decrease slightly now. This favors the buckeyes.
  • 12:32:01: The savage lakers fans are having a fanfest today. I want to stand on balcony at work, toss powder in the air & yell: Kobe sucks...Witness!!
  • 17:50:00: @rtoro20 which roscoes?
  • 18:56:19: Eff the lakers and their stupid Fan Jam. I think I'll wear my Cavs shirt downtown tomorrow. All hail the King! Witness!
  • 23:04:22: Thug LAPD shoots and kills an unarmed autistic man....not shocking.
  • 23:56:55: new frappe drinks at McDonalds is yum-o!

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