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From Twitter 03-18-2010

  • 00:45:03: Immediate concerns about your job are replacing grand notions ... More for Leo
  • 00:58:10: i'm not a fan of homework. college was me raiding athletic & sorority files for tests, papers and homework answers. i'll admit it.
  • 01:04:31: @tatoos82 why yes i did. I spent it with John & Adrienne like i have the past 2 years.
  • 01:05:10: @tatoos82 how are you? i never hear from you anymore. what gives with that?
  • 01:20:37: Aye Dios mio...part 1 of my homework just made my brain explode with all the freaking legalese. I will so need a lawyer when I level up.
  • 01:24:33: going to make @souplantation my beeeyatch tomorrow. u better be ready, I'm armed w/ a coupon. I'm coming for ya...and I'm bringing a friend.
  • 02:14:09: shut ya bitching people....the top model blogcast is coming. i have homework to finish first. relax.
  • 02:14:40: @rtoro20 where you staying and how long you gonna be here?
  • 03:19:43: Dear universe....i really really really really need a new gig. Getting paid to watch sports is not all it's cracked up to be.
  • 03:26:28: If u don't want 2 be an Indian anymore, easy 2 get out of CLE. Play well enough to get a raise/extension/option & Shapiro will trade u.
  • 03:26:53: that last tweet was a comment I read on & it's pretty darn true.
  • 03:39:02: hey universe, while u're at it. how about just letting me win a huge Mega Millons so I can buy the Indians? Jacobs Field @ Progressive Park
  • 11:20:44: @AgentwithaChirp call with an audition. that's my wish.
  • 12:08:42: time to head to @souplantation.
  • 13:02:56: I am amazed by the stupidity of all the idiots in la who think their SUVs are compact cars & park in compact spots
  • 13:11:34: @souplantation I'm at your Beverly locay about to get my lunch on!
  • 14:33:00: @castrovince what's the score?
  • 15:44:33: the ASPCA should show the "after" videos of what happens when u adopt a shelter animal and then it bites & scratches the hand that feeds it!
  • 16:06:29: @jennabryson and half the time they are illegally talking on their cell phones.
  • 16:22:04: haven't seen either film, but something tells me someone dies/is dying in both "Remember Me" & "The Last Song" private msg me if I'm right.
  • 16:51:37: woooooooooohoooo! casting for Disney print ad tomorrow!
  • 17:28:35: Who the hell dipped Carrot Top in a vat of steroids?
  • 17:32:42: someone needs to tell Cosmo that sex positions should not require you be a master yogi in order to get the job done.
  • 18:16:46: if a dude ever cheats on me w/ a chick w/ a facial tattoo, i will set her damn face on fire & give her a reason to have a facial tattoo.
  • 18:48:43: Off to class

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