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Bloggin America's Next Top Model

-oh boy!!! new opening, "new judge, new drama" with Tyra going all out narcissistic once again. BTW, who let American Apparel puke all over this opening?
-Tonight, we're starting out with photo shoot right away (a continuation from last week's 90-minute ep) and it's a NUDE photo shoot. of course there is ALWAYS one girl who is from a religious background and will spaz the hell out about it.
-Who wants to bet that Ren goes far or wins this whole ball of wax because Tyra brought her in special and well, it never matters who the judges want to win (as Paulina revealed when she left the show). It's who TYRA wants to win to competition.
-I really hope they either eliminate 2 in one ep or they drag this episode out so that the elimination isn't in the beginning/middle of the ep. wait, back from commerical and nope, elimination just 11 minutes into the episode. it just doesn't seem right.
-time to meet the judges and what is with Tyra sing-song talking to introduce Nigel!??! I mean, seriously, flirting with a married man on national television. Time to meet the new judge, Andre Leon Talley, who is replacing Miss J (probably because Miss J got fed up with T overriding decisions). I surely hope Tyra doesn't think that adding the editor of Vogue is going to add any legitimacy to this little competition she's running. I mean, have any of these girls TRULY become top models in the sense of household names? Looks like we're sticking with Wilhelmina as the agency this cycle.
-Fifteen minutes in and we get our first "smile with the eyes" comment.
-Wow...never seen that before. absolute silence when the judges saw a model's picture. man, you could've heard a pin dropped by chirping crickets. Not looking good for Gabrielle, my friends.
-Weird, but I actually have to agree with Andre on Alashia's picture. Granted she doesn't have a clue about how to model, but it was a risky thing to put the vest on backwards and do the pose she did, but it was different. Nigel thinks he's lost his bleeding mind though.
-I say Alashia and Gabrielle end up in the bottom 2. (let's see if I extend my streak)
-hey! I just noticed this ep is 90 minutes as well which means we might get 2 eliminations in 1 episode after all & then we will be back on track for the normal format.
-here's a new twist. Best photo winner gets next week's challenge prize no matter how bad she does in the challenge. If you ask me, that's like a license to slack.
-yes, i was right! the streak extends. I think Gabrielle will go home because no one said a word about her photo & Andre said he would hang Alashia's photo in his house. Vogue saved your ass girl, so you better go get a subscription.
-I just love people who think they can do "modeling on the side". It really doesn't work like that.
-Ren is like the modeling-version of Kristen it pains her so much to be there. Oh, who doesn't love the emo people? (especially one who had to have her pits shaved by Miss J). and here comes the whining...god, it hurts her so much to be here.
-This Top Model Lounge idea?!?!? yeah, um...EPIC FAIL. I like Bianca, I like Laura. I don't like them doing this. Give me back "my life as a cover girl" and "top models in action"
-Alashia's walk is horrid shit, but at least the pendulum didn't whack her.
-Ren is seriously so miserable. Life is so hard when you are emo.
-When not on the runway, Alashia moonlights as a pirate in the top model house.
-I do quite fancy the skull/crossbones when the elimination Tyra Mail comes through.
-oh for the love of Gia Carrangi....Ren just leave if it pains you that much. Go to elimination and just quit so you can get back to your black eyeliner & cutting yourself.
-Ren piling on a ton of excuses and well, we all know how T feels about excuses.
-man, there are a lot of bad pictures in this mess. I don't know how i'm going to choose a bottom two, but i know that Ren is going to be in that ish.
-I'm going to go with Ren and shockingly Naduah. I'm probably so dead wrong on this and I'll admit it. man, this week's shoot was so mediocre.
-wow, i was actually right! maybe i'm better than I actually thought. Wow....what sucks is that the girl who was eliminated could've won it all. What also sucks is that Ren doesn't even want to be there. She should've done the right thing and just quit when she was in the bottom two, but then again, it's all probably just a set up for Tyra to "transform" her into the perfect winner.

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