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From Twitter 03-16-2010

  • 00:03:13: don't be jealous of my boogie :)
  • 00:33:56: i got this catnip spray for my cat and he is high as all hell off it.
  • 00:50:01: A wave of confidence surges through you as the Moon enters you... More for Leo
  • 00:54:58: my cat is so high on the nip, he can't stand up:
  • 01:41:23: @lisa_curry what? you don't like my whistling?
  • 03:37:22: nah, i don't have a problem at all! just wide freaking awake and focused on cleaning at 3:30am.
  • 03:40:24: just got handed a SHIT TON of homework for class on Tues. yes, at 3:30am, now I'm kinda glad internet was new when i was in college
  • 04:04:56: FUCK EARTHQUAKE!!!
  • 04:06:01: @_marramarie_ yeah, i'm still wide awake. thank you ADD or I'd be flipping out.
  • 04:25:30: 4.4 at 4:04am. anyone into numbers want to read into that?
  • 04:27:53: @_marramarie_ why does the fault line scare you?
  • 04:28:13: @scourgeoe yes. barely felt it.
  • 04:31:02: fyi, the quake was on the same fault line as the last noticeable quake i felt 7/29/08 that cracked 2 windows in my apt.
  • 04:41:25: ok, well.....that's my sign to go to bed. #laearthquake
  • 04:54:33: Well now...this would explain why my cat was acting crazy as shit the past 24 hrs BEFORE the catnip spray.
  • 13:41:52: So much for getting anything for my ADD...for now. It would be cheaper to fly home & get them from a regular dr.
  • 15:17:24: @LasVegasAngel congrats
  • 15:22:29: time to rediscover Runyan & get some sunlight. Must return to the gym tomorrow as well.
  • 15:23:53: @CocksWithP is there a catch to the free? is it just for NYC'ers?
  • 15:53:23: @espnext_jerry yes he did!
  • 15:55:30: @espnext_jerry not my type.
  • 16:00:49: @espnext_jerry no, i'm just not into guys who look like they live in their parents' basement playing video games all day.
  • 18:33:06: @wendymichelle77 that was awesome!!!
  • 18:35:01: @stevenbward dude told me guys are turned off by chicks with right-hand diamonds bec. the girl will be too assertive & independent. T/F?
  • 18:43:38: @LasVegasAngel forget him. he is not worth your time. he has obviously proven that.
  • 19:05:00: RuPaul's Drag Race makes me want to hang out with drag queens. Anyone know where I can do that in WeHo?
  • 19:07:41: I wonder if people with multiple personalities count their "others" on their census form. Would that be considered a roommate or relative?
  • 19:08:40: Tomorrow is my fave holiday and I'm going to do something so very GaGa-esque with my hair involving ribbons, barrettes and a tiara!
  • 19:38:04: @tericee what do i have to be in the know about?
  • 22:37:10: @bensbrain7 tomorrow, we go to pubs, brain. Maybe we can go to Brandy's the next time we are both in Findlay, OH. haha.
  • 22:39:44: just caught someone in a lie. Must find a new job asap.

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