Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

From Twitter 03-15-2010

  • 00:32:00: @OGOchoCinco yes! catching up on my dvr. why you ask?
  • 00:37:18: @latimes your damn automated system sucks almost as much as me repeatedly not getting my paper on Sundays!
  • 00:38:37: fyi, sometimes when I answer questions on my formspring. It's just to mess with people.
  • 00:44:55: hells yeah! Miss Kendra is back! She cracks my ass up.
  • 00:48:52: You often seem so capable that it can be hard to get help when... More for Leo
  • 02:11:09: @BeatnikBetty really? cuz I tweet a lot as well. just don't tweet as much as alyssa milano. that girl lives on twitter at this point.
  • 03:38:46: need to get to bed. must start new job hunting tomorrow.
  • 12:33:51: RT @MarcIstook: Do you like celebrity trivia AND game shows AND cheesy game show hosts?! Then check out Starlicious at www.Starlicious. ...
  • 12:37:04: @MarcIstook oh that SOOOOOOOOOOO got retweeted.
  • 13:43:02: state of CA needs to take a hike. Ppl can get a weed card in a heartbeat, but state law says I have to get a psych eval to get ADD meds!
  • 16:02:01: Put the receipt in my bag please doesn't mean take my stuff out of the bag. Please know English if u work at target
  • 16:02:45: I swear! The longer I live in California the more conservative I become
  • 17:38:19: @danygiannocaro yeah? why you love me?
  • 19:42:22: wow....someone had a little too much crazy sauce before askin me stuff on formspring today. Hello little delete button! real ?s only :)
  • 20:27:45: such hostility from the haters. I am putting the pieces together where it comes from though. it's someone on my facebook. shocking.
  • 20:28:15: every time this person pops up on my fbook, the rude questions appear. coincidence? i think not.
  • 21:12:25: @snowwhiteonacid dude! let me know when they are yours so i'm not a bitch! haha.
  • 21:31:51: RT @michaeldempster: Thanks to that Viagra commercial I don't fear erectile dysfunction but I'm scared to death by my dick-obsessed refl ...
  • 23:05:56: @JohnnyGWeir Tara's hair does rock! U R right. It does take balls to change hair color. esp. in my biz: I put my whole career on the line.
  • 23:36:30: y'all MUST watch the latest Be Good Johnny Weir if only for the final 2 minutes. U will either laugh your ass off or be totally skeeved out.

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