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From Twitter 03-14-2010

  • 00:33:54: @SaraJBenincasa I got told that's one of the shows I should be targeting for co-star roles
  • 01:42:37: Sometimes it's challenging for you to ignore a feeling, even t... More for Leo
  • 02:39:38: @elizabeth_ann Angelina had like 6 kids...she seems to have fun w/o going on reality shows.
  • 03:00:45: Eff you spring forward. I am quite fond of sleep and do not care for your ish!
  • 03:06:49: I talk circles around guys at sports bars to the point they are humiliated yet the closest I can get to working at ESPN is the restaurant
  • 12:34:39: @head_tennis I also don't think he went "too low" with Pete either like some suggested. after all, Pete wasn't born being a cheap tipper
  • 12:35:33: @TimBella your yankees aren't looking that damn good. was watching on mlb network
  • 12:38:16: @thegregjohnson how do you not already have 1000?
  • 13:05:56: @JohnDeVore i'll agree with some on that. Money is on Osbourne.
  • 13:15:03: ok, have to go get ready for hell job yet again.
  • 15:19:00: Turner & lighty made goldy gopher kiss da baby! Go buckeyes
  • 19:09:40: @tericee WEST COAST with the Undercover Boss ish!!!
  • 19:10:00: @TimBella yeah but that 1 is CC and that was kinda rough.
  • 20:07:50: respect the Buckeye Nation! Big Ten champs: football, men's & women's basketball, men's swimming/diving, men's soccer. did i miss any?
  • 20:08:11: And we still have all the spring sports to go
  • 20:28:37: @TimBella come say that to my face, punk! (j/k as well)
  • 20:31:38: @JohnnyGWeir did that twitter tutorial i gave you help ya figure everything out?
  • 21:27:28: @snowwhiteonacid hahaha. he's acting like he goes to USC. Guess that's what comes with great football power in the PAC 10
  • 21:40:05: I swear that Private Practice is like some giant orgy. Everyone in the practice has slept with everyone in the practice plus some.
  • 21:41:29: @snowwhiteonacid I will change you on that DWTS stuff. That show is awesome, but yeah AI and Glee are like butt stupid.
  • 21:50:18: dear cat, i'm sorry you don't like me loving on you. blame the girl on Private Practice who drowned her cat to please her imaginary friend
  • 22:10:39: @jamesbaltazar even they don't sleep with each other like that!
  • 23:07:00: @LasVegasAngel it's not old to me. i love it.
  • 23:46:11: Dear CW, please keep Melrose Place around if only for the brilliance that is Katie Cassidy

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