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From Twitter 03-13-2010

  • 01:23:33: Watching Hit for Haiti on Tennis Channel. it's STEFANIE Graf now. respect!
  • 01:46:18: You may feel as if you are getting mixed messages from someone... More for Leo
  • 02:32:07: I will more than offer my reproductive services to Rafael Nadal. just saying!
  • 02:37:02: @head_tennis what racket was Agassi using at Hit for Haiti?
  • 02:46:25: i think we all knew that Agassi was going to be the trash talker of this match.
  • 03:08:58: That's not a joke about Agassi not wearing underwear....he really doesn't when he plays. That's in his book.
  • 13:28:31: Dear coffee maker...let's hurry it up. Princess has a sinus migraine brewing that she'd like to avoid.
  • 13:32:37: @deefybee something tells me a service dog isn't supposed to do that. haha.
  • 13:33:38: @Tonys_Grl84 how about you go and represent for me too? Tell these chicks to go bump me on IMDB. haha.
  • 13:34:21: @julzharlz on the flip side, how is your daughter liking her twitter?
  • 13:36:46: @head_tennis Thanx. I don't know what was louder...the bright paint on that racket or Andre. He should moonlight as a comedian.
  • 13:43:27: @KristinOswald i used to blast mine too at your age...sometimes, you mellow out.
  • 13:44:05: @snowwhiteonacid well you better be well in time for Hot Tub Time Machine!
  • 13:44:59: @elizabeth_ann that is blasphemy. you don't st. patty's drink UNTIL Mar 17!
  • 13:46:08: @lisa_curry well the banshee did write a song about a dude who was stalking her at one time (if i recall).
  • 14:11:56: Strange as this sounds, Evan Turner fouling out actually helped the Buckeyes seal the W.
  • 14:23:00: i know it's just spring training but Indians are only undefeated team in either league.
  • 14:38:59: When did Purdue get good at sports? did they steal players from Michigan!? Did we dump fertilizer on them?
  • 16:13:36: Purdue just got embarrassed in the first half. Can u say "one trick pony, one player team"?
  • 16:15:11: I think I may have jinxed the tribe. Sorry bout that. Still last team to lose in spring training :)
  • 22:29:27: off to dillion's irish pub in hwood
  • 22:49:07: @LasVegasAngel come to la, we will never ignore you. Leave that god forsaken city

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