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From Twitter 03-11-2010

  • 00:28:49: Bloggin America's Next Top Model: don't read if you don't want spoilers...
  • 00:48:20: holy shit! friend lives in same complex where Corey Haim, it's also where Rick James OD'd. place be swarming w/ media
  • 01:07:41: Was notified that by Ride2Recovery that I raised so much money that I qualified for a prize after the event! wow!! thanx again everyone.
  • 01:15:29: Corey Feldman has some really valid points regarding Hollywood and the celebrity pedestal on Larry King.
  • 01:48:12: Relationships continue to raise complex issues for you as you ... More for Leo
  • 01:59:37: Southland is seriously the best show y'all are not watching but need to be. TNT on Tuesdays, my friends.
  • 03:46:56: Popchips are not that yummy.
  • 04:09:31: Riding Cavs-Mavs to the finals. Then I will board a different train than @mcuban @ @bcuban
  • 14:39:10: @scourgeoe nba: Cavs; nhl: not really anyone at the moment
  • 15:04:38: @wendymichelle77
  • 15:13:53: @OGOchoCinco is it true you're doing a VH1 show? There's a casting on Craigslist for it.
  • 15:58:08: is crap. I've been on the stupid thing for over 2 months & not a single date yet. I'll SOOOO be cashing in that "guarantee"!
  • 16:24:52: @castrovince still undefeated :)
  • 17:48:24: @CocksWithP tell @LittleLeaP that they are filming Chuck up the street from my place here in L.A. as we speak!
  • 17:55:18: @LittleLeaP Chuck is filming about a mile from my place. just thought you'd like to know.
  • 17:57:51: I've taken to being a smart ass bitch & I don't care...cuz I'm blonde again & blondes can do that:
  • 18:32:38: and my camera has officially died, i think. keeps giving me memory stick error.

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