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From Twitter 03-10-2010

  • 00:49:32: going to beat the piss out of dvr. I told it to not record Lost & record Melrose instead. Bastard thing vetoed it. Now i have Lost on 2 tvs
  • 01:44:00: You may feel as if you have been forced to hold your breath as... More for Leo
  • 01:48:50: @bensbrain7 brain, how am I not following you? I thought I was. I'm sorry. just don't overtweet like that @Alyssa_Milano chick
  • 01:50:12: @Alyssa_Milano do you smell the baseball in the air?
  • 02:46:59: Shag-Marry-Cliff has bored me. I'm over it. therefore, i'm not playing anymore.
  • 03:20:28: @lisa_curry you mean you know how to read?! wow! shocker...learn something new every day.
  • 13:13:36: @HarloweBlonde i know, right. feels like your childhood is being ripped away.
  • 13:14:05: I feel like yet another piece of my childhood has been ripped away too soon. RIP Corey Haim
  • 13:16:44: @Miliwifeymama yes, she does. it's almost as incoherent as Courtney Love's twitter.
  • 13:17:59: @Miliwifeymama day good so far (minus the multiple text wake ups), audition and work later. need to do dishes.
  • 13:18:58: @Kennyzimlinghau well if he didn't rock your world, he's not allowed on the tour bus.
  • 13:20:18: RT @TimBella: Boom. RT @Lauren_Bacall: why do starlets today have such bad posture? That Montana girl and that Twilight girl slouch like ...
  • 13:22:14: @Lauren_Bacall Miss Bacall, it's called "the Broken Doll Pose" & you can thank the modeling industry for it. It annoys me too.
  • 13:33:58: @stevenbward I would've been screwed had internet been so prevalent when i was in college but it might have saved my long-dist relationship.
  • 13:42:57: @Wolffem twitterific
  • 13:49:10: @Wolffem nope, i got my app and stuck with it.
  • 14:01:05: @castrovince why do you think that is? just early spring training game, better games in the area?
  • 14:03:26: @castrovince oh yeah, tell @gradysize24 that he's slackin on the twitter. @gator4god isn't though. haha.
  • 14:07:08: @holodez yeah pretty much...some said the same with MJ as well, but both were too young regardless.
  • 14:08:42: have to do dishes and get ready for audition & work.
  • 14:17:16: @castrovince you serious? because if so, there are a LOT of verified pro athletes being fooled as well as me.
  • 14:20:06: @castrovince was talking to couple guys from 710 ESPN radio. One said on paper, there's not a loss on the Tribe's schedule. #wishfulthinking
  • 14:34:22: Dear U of Dayton, is this free tennis shirt u sent me supposed to make up for the fact you f'd me out of a scholarship years ago?
  • 14:34:58: RT @castrovince: Grady Sizemore took reliever Jackson Quezada deep to right for a grand slam to make it 9-1 #Indians on top of #Padres. #mlb
  • 14:37:33: @castrovince well shut the front door! I'll spread the word & get that ish shut down. Grady's Ladies can't be letting that happen.
  • 14:38:21: @castrovince even twitter got fooled on that one because the account was verified for like a week at one point.
  • 14:58:27: @castrovince btw, if you need any grocery-type stuff while in Phx area, check out @Fresh_and_Easy that place is da bomb!
  • 15:59:54: Audition time now. If not done by 3:30 will sadly have to leave to make it to work on time
  • 16:08:51: Yes!!! In and out in 10 minutes!
  • 16:52:47: @ephanypdx a what?
  • 17:01:13: @ephanypdx now I get it hahahahahaha
  • 17:02:41: Indians are 5-0?!?!! I know it's spring training but did I slip & fall into some weird alternative universe?!?
  • 22:59:54: Time to blog Tyra Banks' narcissism yet again. model is back so I can mock what it has become.
  • 23:36:47: @LasVegasAngel i'm trying!! haha. I'm sorry not all my tweets are funny
  • 23:37:25: @Fresh_and_Easy not a prob. gotta spread the love so that you spread the f & e elsewhere.

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