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From Twitter 03-09-2010

  • 01:46:23: You may have already decided that some things are best left un... More for Leo
  • 02:18:13: @MarcIstook i think 5am.
  • 02:27:26: time to start my homework for my "business of acting" class. not sure how i feel about the picture I had to use for the assignment.
  • 03:10:34: @JennHoffmanFoto heard from the manager, still waiting on the agent.
  • 03:27:15: Y'all need to follow one of my fave bitches @lisa_curry cuz she's actually probably funnier than me.
  • 05:11:05: time for bed. At the end of the assignment, I just started guessing shows because i only watch like 5 comedies.
  • 13:23:32: @ErikaMarie well as long as she has her rabies shot, she should be fine.
  • 13:24:42: @JohnnyGWeir did my twitter instructions work?
  • 13:26:26: @snowwhiteonacid I have to work a stupid buy out tomorrow now! want me to see if Brooke can?
  • 13:28:20: @SaraJBenincasa maybe it's the same a-holes asking me crude insulting questions.
  • 15:58:51: Is it a sign when u audition for NFL network re: ur fave team & u hear songs by team's celeb owners on way there all in a row?
  • 21:42:09: Different week. Same shitty schedule because I'm not in the manager's "in" crowd. MUST. FIND. NEW. JOB! underline, bold
  • 23:49:18: 8,500 condoms airlifted to the olympics after the athletes nearly exhausted the initial supply of 100k. Damn! that's some horny athletes!
  • 23:58:13: Watching The Biggest Loser sometimes reminds me of that shameless plug scene in Wayne's World.

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