Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

From Twitter 03-08-2010

  • 00:41:26: i have a serious guacamole addiction
  • 01:03:14: LOST should just say "10 episodes left, people are going to start dropping like flies!"
  • 01:39:49: You would like to be able to relax, but you might not have eno... More for Leo
  • 01:52:05: Oscars wore me out. It's hard work being snarky. Must shower and sleep. Long day tomorrow. audition and cleaning my bedroom.
  • 02:47:22: Btw, LOVE Sandra Bullock & fact she accepted her razzie in person. She seems like a gal u could have a beer & watch baseball with.
  • 14:06:06: @Wolffem welcome to the iphone family
  • 14:07:38: @deefybee continued hugs.
  • 14:09:36: @Rhiannon2408 you also don't know how to reply :P I can teach you twitter 101
  • 14:12:01: i just slept like 11 hours. no joke. guess my body needed it.
  • 14:50:33: Dear people who call me in for stuff: u were told in advance that I do not match my pix, yet u said to send me in anyway. don't get mad.
  • 15:47:12: RT @castrovince #Indians beat #Diamondbacks, 3-2, to improve to 3-0 in Cactus play. #mlb
  • 15:49:20: Not to sound bitter but I'm kinda over all my friends going on real auditions while all I can get is non-paying student stuff.
  • 15:50:32: Meanwhile, impatient actor behind me on list knocks on door and interupts another person's audition
  • 16:10:38: Audition done. Shopping now.
  • 16:13:43: My cat smells like a damn Wendy's drive-thru. Pretty sure those little trees don't come in that scent
  • 16:26:54: Stupid iPhone! Meant car in that last tweet
  • 16:35:24: @elizabeth_ann Nieder usually smells like pancakes strangely
  • 17:31:12: If people are smart, they will eventually realize i'm not answering insulting questions.
  • 17:32:05: by that I mean insults that are disguised as questions, malicious questions, gross perverted questions. my page, my rules. get over it.
  • 18:38:08: yes!!! audition for NFL Network commercial tomorrow!! brainstorming shall commence later for my prep.
  • 20:08:07: @ErikaMarie test it for rabies!!!
  • 23:22:02: Catching up on Amazing Race: "oh my gravy!"; wonder if Indians' coach Steve Smith racing w/ daughter has coverted it to "oh my Grady!" haha
  • 23:56:00: Did you REALLY think i was going to answer that?

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