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From Twitter 03-03-2010

  • 00:00:10: @snowwhiteonacid hugs
  • 00:51:40: @elizabeth_ann i can look and see if it's on instant play on netflix.
  • 01:43:53: You are being drawn deeper into a drama that stimulates old fe... More for Leo
  • 02:01:21: you know, i'm just not feeling at the moment.
  • 02:13:51: @snowwhiteonacid i'm just not feeling any internet dating right now.
  • 02:25:25: @estepmike you called?
  • 03:27:51: spring training games all this month on @MLBNetwork.
  • 03:53:52: don't know why i'm watching MLB Tonight....not like the Indians are going to do anything except trade players away. so frustrated :(
  • 04:57:18: @SaraJBenincasa i'm gonna record. let me know what how far into the show you are so i can just ff through the other parts.
  • 05:26:57: @SaraJBenincasa don't be nervous. U are going to rock
  • 05:27:44: @OGOchoCinco mel's, kitchen 24
  • 14:15:25: @jamesbaltazar yeah right...he's not going anywhere if the Korean military gets him first
  • 14:17:57: @SaraJBenincasa you looked awesome and you were funny.
  • 14:19:56: @RSBS better get a live chicken
  • 14:20:46: @HarloweBlonde could you have imagined the Duran Duran hysteria had the internet existed in 1984?
  • 14:22:20: RT @Alyssa_Milano: Dear LA Drivers, Not letting me into ur lane doesn't mean u will get there faster. It means you're a douche. Love, Bl ...
  • 14:30:09: @JennHoffmanFoto thank you as well for the equally great shoot.
  • 14:36:06: someone explain to me why the metro in L.A. ignore USC? that would've been a valuable resource.
  • 15:14:29: @jaycrawfordespn um....why is this child not looking at the greatest school ever....OHIO STATE! j/k...kinda.
  • 15:17:04: sorry gym, you're going to have to wait until this apartment is completely clean for us to reunite. consider it a vacay.
  • 15:24:04: @fordmodels do you take photographer referrals for your models to test with? if so, I have a good one in L.A. & 1 midwest/nyc.
  • 16:35:38: think the person who said they wanted to buy my netbook is bailing on the purchase. ugh.
  • 17:55:56: time to get dirty again by cleaning more of the apt.
  • 22:16:33: @elizabeth_ann dammit! clothed! but does he at least look hot as all fuck? God, he needs to leave his wife for me.
  • 22:54:36: @elizabeth_ann you don't know me and Matty. I like dirty, sweaty Matt Damon. the mud game in Invictus....most awesome!
  • 23:09:26: i'm debating menchie's but i don't know if i want to go out in the rain without makeup

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