Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

From Twitter 03-02-2010

  • 00:42:19: Evan Lysacek will not get vote 1 from me on DWTS because I think he's a condescending ass! Team Johnny!
  • 01:28:35: @JohnnyGWeir let Evan do that little dancing show, you go and win at the Worlds :)
  • 01:55:16: ugh, i have to start laundry.
  • 02:04:34: if you all bitches don't vote for @OGOchoCinco on DWTS, we're going to have to discuss our twitter relationship.
  • 03:24:59: just found out that someone stole a check out of my check book and is trying to walk off with $350 of my hard earned cash. I think not!
  • 03:46:09: @fallenwiccan well i rarely do, just for rent & occasionally if i owe a friend money for tickets, hair, etc.
  • 04:08:45: @MarcIstook stair height?
  • 13:41:29: Did i mention you can ask me stuff?
  • 13:47:29: photo shoot in about an hour. so much riding on these pictures. not like having any pressure or anything to do well.
  • 14:56:39: @sportsgal50 i'm with u on that concern to @stevenbward. I think guys run when I start spouting stats, analysis and theories/speculation
  • 18:55:25: photo shoot rocked my socks. i batted this bitch out of the park like a @gradysize24 home run! (and we know how i like those)
  • 20:01:56: At my film screening
  • 22:54:48: Christopher atkins of The Blue Lagoon fame was just at the same student film festival I was at. We both acted in separate films

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