Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

From Twitter 03-01-2010

  • 00:25:23: oh jesus...Be Good Johnny Weir marathon!!!
  • 00:56:47: @JohnnyGWeir watching your show on Sundance....OMG! You are making me laugh my tail off. please don't retire.
  • 01:13:33: Man, Russians don't give a SHIT what you think about them wearing fur!
  • 01:38:57: The veil between this world and other worlds has stretched as ... More for Leo
  • 03:24:12: where can I apply to be @JohnnyGWeir's hag? We can Pledge stuff, listen to Gaga, study Russian history & I'll model his fashion designs.
  • 03:44:10: wondering what it means when you have a dream where your dead grandmother tells you to steal someone's husband.
  • 04:44:31: okay, i'm off to bed.
  • 11:56:55: @OGOchoCinco floyd's barber shop
  • 12:57:56: @rtoro20 you can take me when i come home for xmas. haha.
  • 13:00:39: @elizabeth_ann the machines needed a vacay. they are living it up in Vegas at the moment with the Sock Monkey & his pals.
  • 14:17:25: @SELFmagazine did you mention the forever 21 activewear? it's crap btw. Shorts are WAY too short for actually working out in.
  • 15:30:12: @OGOchoCinco you should head into ESPNzone at LA Live.
  • 15:40:16: I've decided I'm going to write a one-woman show of some sort called The Jason Diaries. if you know me well enough, you know the deal.
  • 17:21:22: Work time
  • 21:05:39: @OGOchoCinco if u are at the W hwood just walk. It's only like 3 blocks
  • 21:19:12: @OGOchoCinco get tickets for me & my crew at espnzone! We will totes come cheer u on!!!!
  • 21:20:44: I'm soooo going to a taping of dwts!!! @OGOchocinco all the way!!
  • 22:29:06: i need tickets to Dancing with the Stars!!!

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