Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

I think i'm in love with yet another gay man.

In my defense, though, I was 11 when I was in love with George Michael. How the hell was I to know?!?! okay, I should've know by like the time I was 14, but cut me some slack, i lived in BFE Ohio where it's so backwards that "gay" still meant happy in 80s.

Now....I think i'm in love with Johnny Weir after the pre-Olympics story in Sports Illustrated, the Olympics where he got robbed of a bronze medal (how can you give a medal to someone who effs up over someone who skates a clean program both short and long?) & now watching his documentary "Pop Star on Ice" & Be Good Johnny Weir series on Sundance.

I love how he just speaks his mind, doesn't give a crap what other people think of him & doesn't back down from who he is as a person. His sincerity is remarkable too. I will say that the series makes Evan Lysacek look like a real douche & it's really not much with the editing, but the condescending things that come out of his mouth that are NOT taken out of context (you can usually tell when something has been edited from a bigger discussion/interview/etc and turned into something else). I really related to the part where nothing is going right and the last thing he wants is his coach telling that he's not doing it right & then he storms off the ice. Been there, done that, it's called sending a tennis ball over a fence or throwing a racket in frustration & then pouting as you walk to pick it up.

I just want to know where I can send my application to be his hag. We can Pledge stuff, listen to Lady Gaga, study Russian history & I'll model his fashion designs. We'll rock the tassle together. I think this qualifies me to be on "Girls who like boys who like boys" on Sundance now. haha.
Tags: celebs, sports
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