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From Twitter 02-28-2010

  • 00:49:40: @JohnnyGWeir welcome home.
  • 00:55:30: Ask me stuff:
  • 01:44:28: Try not to let your preconceived notions get in the way of you... More for Leo
  • 02:11:49: @snowwhiteonacid i went with the h&m $19 jeans
  • 02:12:45: I don't know who designed activewear for Old Navy & Forever21, but EPIC FAIL if you actually intend to work out & not just look cute at gym
  • 02:31:21: If you look like a serial killer in your dating site picture, i'm probably not going to respond to your wink or email
  • 02:39:10: @snowwhiteonacid all of the sites have them.
  • 03:23:59: hallway and new roomie's bedroom deep cleaned....2 more rooms to get to next week. bathroom and the killer of all rooms, my bedroom.
  • 11:02:46: Ugh obnoxious Lakers fans. I knew I should have worn my Cavs shirt downtown today
  • 18:24:03: Lakers fans: cheap. USA hockey fans: good.
  • 18:25:28: I want a canadian or kiwi man. They are usually pretty, well-mannered & non-douchey. Maybe I will put an ad on craigslist. Green card option
  • 22:45:53: i used to know all the words to the Canadian National anthem. that happens when you used to run a hockey player's fansite.
  • 22:50:20: @snowwhiteonacid i don't know. possibly.
  • 22:58:34: Rude questions do not get answered on that is what the delete button is for.
  • 23:01:29: if i was a medalist at this ceremony, I'd walk out there drunk or with a bottle of champs in my hand!
  • 23:31:44: Not happy that the US didn't win hockey gold, but happy that Scott Niedermayer did....after all, my cat is named after his brother, Rob.
  • 23:36:55: He'd be ancient by Olympic skating standards, but @JohnnyGWeir should try to go to Sochi since he likes all things Russian.
  • 23:44:34: @SaraJBenincasa hey, do people ask you rude ass questions on yours? I've just been deleting my rude questions
  • 23:45:12: it's okay, Canada will EVER kick our ass in baseball!

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