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From Twitter 02-27-2010

  • 00:06:07: Gatorade drops sponsorship of Tiger Woods. At this rate, the only sponsor he's going to have left will be at Sexaholics Anonymous.
  • 00:33:59: @JohnnyGWeir Foster is Beer in Australian...or at least that is what the commercials taught me.
  • 00:54:32: 8.3 earthquake has just hit Chile, tsunami warnings for Chile & Peru, watch for Ecuador
  • 01:04:39: @LasVegasAngel yes!
  • 01:24:48: quake now upgraded to 8.8. This would tie it for 6th strongest quake ever recorded.
  • 01:39:48: It may feel as if you are the only one who isn't deluded now t... More for Leo
  • 02:31:27: Bedtime. Charity spin class tomorrow morning. Thanx to all who donated
  • 10:42:05: Waiting to do my ride. There is a giant roid monger pacing about the gym
  • 10:43:20: @SaraJBenincasa I'll ask you a question if you ask me a question. Haha
  • 12:10:18: RT @castrovince Grady Sizemore told Matt Underwood of STO that he's moving to 2 spot of the #Indians lineup. Asdrubal Cabrera will lead off.
  • 15:56:30: burn this into your brain
  • 17:03:07: come on....let this notebook seller pull through. i need this darn money!
  • 18:42:01: shopping time. need like 1-2 outfits for photo shoot on tues.
  • 22:13:24: @snowwhiteonacid won't know until wed when it's out of my hands
  • 23:11:49: hell yes. shamrock shake time. i love when st. patrick's pukes all over everything and makes everything green.
  • 23:13:32: @OGOchoCinco damn you Chad! because of you, i caved and ate McDonalds tonight
  • 23:17:43: the last time USA won 4-man bobsled gold, the Cleveland Indians were World Series champs.
  • 23:22:09: i would like to thank childhood obesity for larger kids sizes which landed me an old-school vintage-style Cavs shirt for $10 at Old Navy
  • 23:59:34: I'm getting really sick of the Del Taco super special show commercials & I don't want to watch it on facebook either.

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