Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Bad things happen when you don't listen.

Sadly, Natalee Holloway found this out the hard way, but she only has herself to blame. You may think that's callous or heinous for me to say, but I say that having been to Aruba & knowing what I know from going there. You get told when you go to Aruba to stay in groups and by groups, I mean the people that you came with, not the people that you meet while there. They tell you this at the airport, they tell you this when you check into the hotel, some of the shuttle drivers will even tell you as well. Most definitely in Oranjestrad....stay in groups even during the day. you might be able to walk to the next hotel over in the resort area during the day/early evening when all the tourists are out shopping & dining, but NOT in Oranjestrad after dark especcially not when you toss alcohol into the mix.

Again, if you think I'm callous or heinous, remember that I've heard both sides of the story as far as the public consensus/impact. Maybe the Aruban government wouldn't have stonewalled her mother had she not started her tourism boycott and costing their people jobs. Would you want to help someone who coming into your country and costing your citizens their jobs and your economy money? First off, I've said it before and I'll say it again, my parents barely let me leave the state when I was in COLLEGE, let alone leave the country in high school! We're not talking some educational trip to say Europe either here. What do you think really goes on during a vacation on an island like that? It's called sun all day, party all night. Wow! Sounds like the PERFECT place to send your 17-yr-old daughter who has been to rehab already (chauffeurs reported hearing her mother and a friend discuss time Holloway spent in a rehab center. Why was the father having crackhouses searched?). BTW, I did not get that luxury of sunny days and party nights though as I was there for work and saw the beach like 2 times in 3 weeks. Have you heard the stories of her harassing the locals (just every day citizens simply trying to get to their jobs)? No...because that's not mentioned in the media here, but talk to the people who live & work there and you get another side of the story. There are things the American media are NOT telling us because if they did, we would see this case in a whole different light. Instead, it's much easier for someone like Nancy Grace to yammer on night after night how the poor little white girl disappeared on the "savage island".

I'm not justifying what happened to the girl or saying she deserved or asked for what happened to her, BUT....if someone says don't stick the fork in the socket, you'll electrocute yourself & you do it anyway....well, you were warned and bad things sometimes happen when you don't listen.
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