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From Twitter 02-21-2010

  • 01:03:10: @robdeatonphoto no kidding
  • 01:13:25: can someone please f'n explain Lost to me? I'm so confused with this new season.
  • 01:38:23: It feels as if you have to decide your answer to the same ques... More for Leo
  • 01:46:41: anyone find it ironic that the guy who sang "we don't have to take our clothes have a good time" died of AIDS?
  • 02:36:17: @SaraJBenincasa cute!!! now i'm even more excited for my transformation on monday! blonde ambition, baby!
  • 04:04:23: @thegregjohnson how could we forget you?
  • 04:21:16: RT @thegregjohnson: Ha! Any woman who wouldn't marry Matt Damon b/c he likes The Boston Red Sox would be unequivocally out of her mind. ...
  • 14:44:53: Who knew that Sweden-Norway distance skiing was such a fierce rivalry in the same league as Ohio State-Michigan?
  • 14:47:08: RT @SaraJBenincasa: We have white girl cornrows on the train, everybody. That means it'll be a good year for crops.
  • 14:48:38: RT @24hourfitness: Workout at 24HF through 3/15 and u could win a trip for 2 to NYC + a workout with Olympic Gold Medalist Evan Lysacek ...
  • 14:48:47: RT @castrovince: Pitchers and catchers report to #Indians camp today, and so do I. Just arrived in Goodyear. Let's get this party starte ...
  • 14:49:12: @castrovince i'll be there end of staying the whole time? If so, where we grabbing drinks?
  • 14:54:53: @JohnnyGWeir I'd totally wear your designs if you go into fashion!
  • 15:12:55: I'm putting my money on Sharon Osbourne for Celebrity Apprentice. She'll cut a bitch & then feed the head to Ozzy.
  • 15:26:34: @gradysize24 well darn, was going to wish you safe travels to AZ, but it appears you're already there. Props & respect for showing up early
  • 16:10:28: time to start massive cleaning of my apartment. I'll drink a whole pot of coffee if i have to in order to stay focused. really need Adderall
  • 18:28:55: I'm about to Pledge the ish out of my apartment like @JohnnyGWeir.
  • 19:29:18: @tericee remember, west coast!
  • 19:30:59: hmmm, what is with me losing all these followers? I hope it's just Twitter weeding out spammy accounts.
  • 19:35:18: RT @ChrisMannixSI: I feel like NBC is mismanaging these Olympics so badly that the last half of this period will be preempted by To Catc ...
  • 20:29:41: @tericee if my dvr isn't backed up...i'm cleaning
  • 22:12:11: @NickSwisher deep cleaning my apt. I'm talkin hands & knees on the floor cleaning. Toothbrushes involved:
  • 23:53:53: that damn german bobsledder is kinda hot.

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