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From Twitter 02-19-2010

  • 00:07:36: there are a LOT of 19/20 yr olds in this men's figure skating competition. Should make 2014 very interesting.
  • 00:10:18: I want to be @JohnnyGWeir's hag. We can Pledge the shit out of stuff while listening to Lady Gaga and dressing like queens.
  • 00:22:10: Lysacek dresses like he's a damn wannabe Batman, but with sequins & rhinestones instead of an utility belt full of cool toys.
  • 00:24:16: Do the jamaicans still have a bobsled team?
  • 00:29:36: @adean3 i don't know, but i'd like to know.
  • 01:00:01: @ephanypdx nah, that's Johnny Weir! haha
  • 01:23:18: @ephanypdx no, johnny weir got robbed. Galina should club a judge in the parking lot.
  • 01:38:40: You might have doubts about your current course of action, but... More for Leo
  • 01:59:06: @JohnnyGWeir you were robbed! Galina should club a judge in the knee in the parking lot! Bronze should've been yours!
  • 02:22:07: Johnny Weir (@JohnnyGWeir) still wins MY gold medal!
  • 03:38:55: "you can't salute a dead Irish man with a soda pop!"
  • 03:58:41: @elizabeth_ann someone has to study them. might as well be you
  • 04:19:44: don't you just love how the judges say "be innovative" on Project Runway and then they punish people for taking risks?
  • 04:34:10: I'm half-tempted to take my tax return, pay off my Ikea and then rack it back up redecorating.
  • 04:45:29: There is WAY too much must-see tv on Thurs (and it's not on NBC), but add in the Olympics and i'm up this late.
  • 04:53:11: @scourgeoe and I don't know but on my tv, the one girl's color palate was teal/orange & well, that works for the Miami Dolphins!
  • 05:08:05: @ErikaMarie i do and i don't. but if i'm going to be stuck here, I want my place to be liveable. I've never really made this place home
  • 05:11:07: okay, i'm up way too late, time to get my ass to bed.
  • 13:12:02: @thegregjohnson the only thing i'm beggin for is a ring for the King :) you just mad the Cavs are going to win now
  • 14:20:52: Trying to get my car smog tested again. If it fails, I probably won't be driving for a while.
  • 14:24:22: Thanx for all the #ff love gang!!
  • 14:48:05: I checked in at Joe's Smog Check & Test Only Station (10909 Burbank Blvd) on #Yelp
  • 16:04:45: yay! my car passed the smog test!
  • 16:11:41: RT @northlandfox: From Twitter to CBS pilot: 'Stuff My Dad Says' to star William Shatner
  • 16:19:17: what's with all the sex dolls on the Macfarlane shows this past week?
  • 16:25:53: @Fresh_and_Easy yay!!! hopefully y'all check out my resume i submitted for Burbank.
  • 17:26:56: @ErikaMarie i said happy bday on facebook, but happy bday here as well. Peanut! Behave!
  • 17:33:44: off to work, i'm gonna look like a fool with my umbrella, but i sense I will need it later.

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