Aimercat (aimercat) wrote,

Livebloggin men's figure skating: Johnny Weir still gets my gold medal!

-There are a LOT of 19 & 20 year olds in this competition which should make things even tighter come Sossi, Russia 2014
-Who doesn't love a great personal interest story like the French skater who was adopted from the streets of Brazil?
-what damn gay ass Abercrombie catalog did this Czech skater get his outfit from. If you're going to wear pink, then you need to Weir pink (if you know what I mean) and rock the damn tassle. Not give me something that looks like it came from a private prep school.
-Abercrombie took a tumble....just like their stores are apparently doing.
-Lysacek dresses like he's a damn wannabe Batman, but with sequins & rhinestones instead of an utility belt full of cool toys.
-Visa commercial about Jamaican bobsled team. Do they still have a team? I know Bermuda has winter olympians.
-oh...Lysacek DOES think he's a superhero.
-Screw you Jay Leno, no one gives a shit that you're back at 11:35 after the Olympics, you shady job stealer.
-What would Brian Boitano do....if he were here right now? I'm sure he'd kick an ass or two, that's what Brian Boitano would do!
-Well for once an American skater doesn't choke, skates clean and doesn't fuck it all up (Debi Thomas, Nancy Kerrigan anyone?).
-And at least when this Japanese skater broke his lace, he didn't fall to tears like Tonya Harding. Though I bet she could kick the shit out of this dude.
-I love how these skaters are like "these are my last olympics" and then 3 years from now you hear "I'm coming out of retirement".
-This Japanese dude just bit it....dare I say opening the door for Johnny Weir if he skates an awesome program!??
-Time for Galina to give the Russian pep talk.
-Lady Gaga would be proud of Johnny Weir's outfit. In fact, I wouldn't be shocked if she wore it after the Olympics haha.
-It seems like it almost pains these commentators to say nice stuff about Johnny Weir especially the chick. Scott Hamilton is a little nicer, but just slightly. We get it, he's not your cup of tea, but the crowd sure does love him.
-A standing ovation....the only skater so far to get one.
-ARE YOU KIDDING ME ON THIS SCORING!! Galina is gonna cut a bitch or club a judge in the knee outside the rink. This is some serious fucking bullshit! If this was the old system, he would've so been on the podium and these fans know it. they are booing the shit out of this stuff.
-The medals SHOULD be Lysacek, Plushenko and Weir...this is some serious bullshit!
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